Oh yes, the new puppy…..

So when we bought the house this past summer, the husband and I realized we finally had the space to get a dog, not just any dog, but a BIG dog!  So we did some research to narrow down the breeds we were interested in, and then started looking around at breeders.  We settled on the Tibetan Mastiff, and the breeder we chose is Himalaya Tibetan Mastiffs out of Virginia.  A bit further out than ideal (its going to be a 10+ hr drive each way to pick up the puppy) but after having done tons of research we feel comfortable with both the breeder and our choice of dog.  We’re due to pick up the puppy at the end of Febuary and I can’t wait!!  If you go to the site, click on the Puppies link, its the 2nd pairing from the top.

The First post ever…..

The first post on my blog…..um…..yah, not got lots to say.

For anyone who manages to wander across this,  don’t expect lots of posting, or lots of long winded rants.  This’ll probly be the place where I gripe about my day, tell you about the silly things the cats did, or babble about the new puppy.  Doubt I’ll end up using it for much more.