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The entitled youth of today

Posted February 13, 2013 By Ruth

Found via Lagniappe’s Lair:

Megan Thode as decided she’s a special snowflake.  After proving incapable of maintaining a professional demeanor in class, thus earning herself a C+ in a class where a B was required to move on, she is now suing school for allowing her to not move forward in her chosen program.  After all daddy works there, so she wasn’t even having to pay for her education, so why SHOULD she have to meet the requirements?

Yah, I didn’t think so either.  I hope the judge forces her to pay the school’s court costs.

Pastor Alois Bell

Posted February 1, 2013 By Ruth

Its people like you who are driving young people away from churches.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  If you had a problem paying the 18% auto tip then you should have said so upfront as such things are stated on the menu of every restaurant that does that.  To instead use God as your excuse for your bad behavior, and to then get the woman fired over it, is simply despicable.

Last few weeks I’ve been getting WEIRD “gun positive” and “freedom positive” spam from some odd sources.  I can’t figure out if someone I bought stuff from sold my email or what.  Its coming into my gmail account, not the ScaryYankeeChick account, so if its blog related they’ve dug it up from the old blog or by browsing comments on a Blogger based blog…..

For example the most recent one has the subject line: Sandy Hook Shooting Didn’t Happen [PROOF]

I refuse to post the whole email, its seriously weird and beyond out of line, talks about how children who died in the shooting are seen later on TV alive and the like….

I deleted the first few, but its starting to get annoying, the only good thing is that Google IS catching them as spam (which amuses me to no end since the most recent one contains a line about not including any links so as to avoid spam blockers).

Here we go again

Posted November 26, 2012 By Ruth

Guys, posting your own little copyright law on your Facebook page does not in anyway override the terms and conditions you agreed to when you joined Facebook.  If you don’t like it, don’t use Facebook.  Posting something like this just makes you look stupid.

Because I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with three different computers with this virus this week. This is for windows folks, donno if Macs are affected, or how to help if they are…

There are multiple versions of this all with different screens, but in every case a “popup” takes over your screen and tells you that the FBI is aware that you have downloaded illegal files/music/porn/something and you need to pay money to get access to your computer back. In most cases if you have a webcam attached to the computer the virus will turn it on and say its recording you while showing the take from the cam on your screen, in every case using the Task Manager to try to get out of it won’t work. Just about the only thing you CAN do is power off your computer, and sometimes not even that. In one case I had to pull the power cord.

What has worked for me so far (this link details these instructions as well as other options in case this fails): put the computer into safe mode with networking (hold down F8 while the computer is booting till it gives you that option), download the free version of Malwarebytes from (last I checked the paid version was only $25, but don’t pay for it while your computer is infected please). Install Malwarebytes, and open the program, update the virus definitions, and then run a full scan. So far this is working on every computer I’ve tried it on. I’m about to go for number 4 cause my SIL just called me FREAKING cause her computer’s locked and it was recording her and “NORTON WAS SUPPOSED TO DEAL DAMMIT!!!!”


I’ve actually gotten a couple search engine hits on this, so here it goes. 

The poll in question:

People want to know if its a scam or not.

Technically its not a scam.  But here’s the thing:  the way Facebook set up its polls, when you respond to someone else’s poll, its AUTOMATICALLY posted to YOUR Facebook page, and everyone who see’s your posts (friends, subscribers, whatnot) are prompted to respond to it as if it was YOUR poll.

So someone, somewhere, MONTHS ago, set up this poll, when they were cleaning out their friends list.  And their friends responded.  And then all their friends’ friends responded to the original friends….you see what happened?  I’ve actually seen this particular poll 5 or 6 times as various friends responded to it on someone else’s wall…

Unfortunetly it doesn’t appear that there’s a way to turn off that auto-spread function.

So how do you stop it from spreading?  Well, first off don’t respond to polls posted by your friends.  If for some reason you feel you have to (ie: you think the friend really set up the poll themselves and wants your answers), after you respond go to YOUR wall, and delete the poll off of it.

Yes Facebook sucks.

To Deloitte & Touche

Posted May 23, 2012 By Ruth

Seriously, its actually gotten annoying.  Get you tech support in gear and figure out which computer it is that’s constantly pinging my blog and shut it down.  Since I started counting, a total of 3 days worth of stats, you’ve hit that ONE post on my blog 53 times.  I don’t need hits that badly.

Must be that time of year again…..I’m not sure why my Facebook friends insist on posting these things, since 99% of the time I’m posting Snopes back at them…..anyway:



Not true, not really.  Seems last year Nestle’s France office recalled ONE lot of Banana baby food after one piece of glass was found.  The recall was confined to France only, and the batch code was different than those in the various email and Facebook forwards going around (according to Snopes theres at least one other version ending in 6).  No American batches were included at all. 

Please please please check your facts before reposting/forwarding such things people.

Reverse PIN panic code….False

Posted May 19, 2012 By Ruth

This is making the rounds again, I saw it a couple years ago as an email forward, now its on Facebook:


Unfortunately, as cool an idea as it is, its false.

Although the concept appears to catch peoples’ attention the attempts to make it happen never manage to get anywhere.  All that putting your PIN in backwards will get you is an “incorrect PIN” message.

And why do they have my email??

Husband and I have about figured out they probly got my email through Steam…..which I use very occasionally, but that doesn’t excuse the “OMG, we saw SUSPCIOUS ACTIVITY on your account!!!! Click HERE to fix your account!!!!”  Can you say PHISHING?!?  The worst of it is they really DID create an account in my “name” too, manually typing in the web address, and using the password reset provides me with account information….yah, not amused.

A basic “hey lookit our games!!” email I’d have been ok with, ok, annoyed and demanding to be removed from the mailing list, but understanding of what happened anyway.  But instead a “OH NO!!!” email in an attempt to get me to use their service, and their website blatently says that if you got an email asking to “reactivate your account” if you don’t want the account just ignore it and we’ll delete it after X period of time….Yah, no.

Stay away from Nexon games….