And yet more snow

Not long after my previous post the weather folks upped their forcast to 10-12inches for Syracuse proper (and I may not be in the city, but there’s certinally that much on my front porch at the moment). That will put the season totals for the city at over 170inches. With the rest of March, all of April, and maybe even some of May ( yes May, my first year in the area we had actual accumulation on Mother’s day) to still add to the total. The season record is 190inches. I’d be perfectly happy not breaking that record this year…….

Edited to add, that although the abomindable snow puppy LOVES snow, and snow drifts and piles, he doesn’t like snow when its up to the cute little bare patch on his belly the WHOLE time he’s out there…..


If I didn’t know for a fact that they plan these days if not weeks ahead of time……

its perfect timing, we just had almost all the snow in the yard melt away by last night…..and its snowing again and they’re predicting 7 inches.  Grrrrr


Although in many ways I’m quite enjoying my ’07 Dodge Caliber, I really really really miss my ’91  Honda Civic right now.  I have so far, just this winter alone, gotten the Caliber hung up on snow banks 6 seperate times.  In the 11 years I drove the Civic I NEVER got it hung up on a snow bank (maybe because it was so low to the ground it couldn’t, but thats besides the point). 

The Caliber is currently sitting at an angle to the driveway waiting for my husband to get home and give me a push after I backed into the snowbank again. (I was trying to turn around to back in the garage and once again found the snowbank at the edge of the drive.  It doesn’t help that the Caliber is just tall enough that I can’t SEE the snowbanks out the back window.)

Random thought

I love living outside of the city.  I love not being even in a major town.  The peace and quiet is awesome, and if I decide I want noise instead I can turn up the stereo as loud as I can stand and not worry about the neighbors knocking on my door.  And I got to watch a possum trot down my driveway this morning.  No idea what he was doing up and about that time of day, but he wasn’t acting sick in anyway, most likely a snowmobiler disturbed him and my driveway was a convenient path out of the 2ft of snow the yard would have required him to cross.  Only way I’d have seen him by the apartment in the city was after someone hit him.  Instead I got to watch him trot down the drive and into the woods behind.  How cool is that?

Blog design

Ok, since I’ve started get at least a few page views from differing sources I’d like some feed back on the site colors.  Are they easy to read or do they strain your eyes?  I can’t make up my mind personally, I picked the current colors on a whim to start with, so if they ARE causing problems for anyone please let me know so I can consider other options.

More snow

The view out my front and back windows a couple hrs ago:

For reference, the pump in the front yard is only about 20 feet from the window, and the pine only about 5 beyond that….

Edited to add: I didn’t realize till I was looking at these pictures just how much of a “bump” each of the posts or fixtures must be sitting on.  I can tell you from walking around in the yard to refill bird feeders and the like that majority of the yard is knee deep on me!


Ok, I know I live in Central NY state, and the nearest major city wins the Golden Snowball on a regular basis.  But enough is enough.  We’re well past the “average” for the season at this point.  Can it please just stop snowing???!!!