My Chainmaille Jewelry site is now open


Well, I think it’s open, I haven’t actually had a sale yet, so with my luck it’ll all crash when someone actually tries to do so.

It turns out that actually loading the individual pieces up for listings is tedious as hell, so I’m still working on that part. New things are going up damn near daily because of it.

In celebration of the opening I have created a coupon code. Code nowopen2 will give you 5% off your order and is good through the end of November.


trying to learn a new to me weave, and flub it rather drastically

And as I’m sitting there contemplating that flub, my husband leans over my shoulder and says “I bet you could put a D20 in that…..”

Turns out I can repeat said flub too

I did eventually manage to make the weave I was trying for at least….

No memes this week

The graphics card on my computer is failing. Have you looked at the prices on graphics cards lately? Plus they’re saying weeks for delivery. Ugh. Anyway, no big picture dumps till thats resolved. Damn, I’m going to have to find something else to post……

New spinning wheel!

Ok, so I know I posted about getting a new wheel about a year and a half ago. Great little wheel, very portable and fairly easy to use. But since it was a prototype it had some issues. Well, the guy who designed it took all the feedback we gave him, and made a big brother for it!

Right out of the box this is an easier wheel to use. The Nano was fiddly. While I was able to use it right out of the box, it took fiddling to get it to work the way I wanted. While this one was damn near to plug and play.

It is a bigger wheel, but still small enough to be easily portable.

If you want one click here!


In the process of trying to fix something else I somehow screwed up the theme. Its going to be a long week. Also at least one person is telling me they’re having trouble with subscribe to comments, if you’re having issues please let me know here.

Edit: hah, fixed the theme. If you’re having any issues with the subscribe to comments please let me know. To be clear, I think I fixed it, I need to know if you’re having current issues.

In an attempt to not be depressing

While I’m not a rabid MCU fan, I do greatly enjoy the universe and have watched most of the movies, some of them I have watched enough times that I can recite the dialog along with the actors. I’m NOT watching the WandaVision show on Disney+, its not a style that appeals to me, though I may go back once its all up and watch it all at once.

I am however rather impatiently waiting for the Falcon And Winter Soldier show. And the latest trailer made me LOL.

2/11/21 Edited to add: Dammit Disney, can you stop being a dumbass long enough for me to get through this show at least? Please please pretty please??