Compression socks

A couple months ago the Physical Therapist I was seeing for foot/ankle problems informed me I needed to started wearing knee high compression socks at work, apparently part of the problems I was having was fluid buildup. She said that if budgetary constraints were an issue you can get cheap bulk packs on Amazon.

So I started with a cheap bulk pack. 6 pairs for $15. And, well, they helped with the fluid buildup, but were otherwise horrid to wear.

Poking around further, found a pack of 3 pairs for $20, and a another set where each pair was $15. Ordered a set of each. The pack of 3 was slightly more comfortable. The single pair more so.

I ordered a couple more pairs of the singles to tide me over, and went on a research binge on compression socks. There are compression socks out there that are $50/pair! Or MORE! Pass! But all reviews agreed, the more you were willing to spend on them the more likely they were to be comfortable.

Discovered that Bombas has compression socks. They’re not cheap, $25-$30 a pair, and they’re funky patterned.

Here’s the other thing, I normally wear plain white socks. I’m very OCD about making sure my socks match, not just in color, but in style, because if they don’t match they feel weird like I’m wearing miss-matched shoes, and it drives me nuts during the day. All my socks are white, except for a set that have colored toes, but at least the colored toes means I don’t get them mixed with my other white socks.

But if I’m going to be wearing compression socks they were going to be VERY visible when I’m wearing shorts at work. And I don’t really want to wear white knee highs with shorts at work where I inevitably get really dirty. And black would just make me hotter.

So I said hell with it and ordered a set of funky patterned Bombas socks.

Guys, they’re SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE than the cheaper socks. I actually feel like I’m wearing socks, not nylons (sometimes called knee high pantyhose if you prefer that term), which is what the cheap ones feel like, and which I hate.

Lesson learned. I ordered a bunch more on Black Friday weekend. The cheap ones will be donated to somewhere.

Weird bonus, matching the funky socks back up after laundry doesn’t bother me, maybe because they’re so easy to tell apart? Donno, but I’ll take it!

I think its good

I’m still running checks, but it really looks like all they did was change the admin user name for this one site. They didn’t even attempt to log into the blog using the new user name! I don’t know if I just happened to find it just as they were doing it, or if that was all they intended to do. Frustrating as hell, but could have been worse.

To be safe I’ve disabled a couple older plugins that haven’t been updated in a while, so there’re a few things not working quite right as of right now, I’ll hopefully be fixing them in the next week or so.

Having said that, if you get malware warnings when trying to do anything here please let me know so I can check into it further! I THINK I’m clear, but I’d rather know right away if something goes wrong!

Got hacked

Sometime between my last post and this one someone changed the main username on this account. Which isn’t accessible from the WordPress settings. And the back end settings (user name/password/all emails) haven’t been touched. So either my hosting company has been hacked, or has a hacker? Cause thats totally what I needed to deal with right now…..

(as far as I can tell nothing else was done, its weird, just the one user name changed)

My Chainmaille Jewelry site is now open


Well, I think it’s open, I haven’t actually had a sale yet, so with my luck it’ll all crash when someone actually tries to do so.

It turns out that actually loading the individual pieces up for listings is tedious as hell, so I’m still working on that part. New things are going up damn near daily because of it.

In celebration of the opening I have created a coupon code. Code nowopen2 will give you 5% off your order and is good through the end of November.


trying to learn a new to me weave, and flub it rather drastically

And as I’m sitting there contemplating that flub, my husband leans over my shoulder and says “I bet you could put a D20 in that…..”

Turns out I can repeat said flub too

I did eventually manage to make the weave I was trying for at least….

No memes this week

The graphics card on my computer is failing. Have you looked at the prices on graphics cards lately? Plus they’re saying weeks for delivery. Ugh. Anyway, no big picture dumps till thats resolved. Damn, I’m going to have to find something else to post……

New spinning wheel!

Ok, so I know I posted about getting a new wheel about a year and a half ago. Great little wheel, very portable and fairly easy to use. But since it was a prototype it had some issues. Well, the guy who designed it took all the feedback we gave him, and made a big brother for it!

Right out of the box this is an easier wheel to use. The Nano was fiddly. While I was able to use it right out of the box, it took fiddling to get it to work the way I wanted. While this one was damn near to plug and play.

It is a bigger wheel, but still small enough to be easily portable.

If you want one click here!