Memes 01/01/22

This bunch actually includes memes originally posted on FB the week before Christmas, however due to the abundance of Christmas memes that week there were very very few non-Christmas memes to post, so I combined them into this bunch. That, combined with the abundance of New Years and Betty White memes, means this is a larger bunch than usual. Next year I might need to do an actual New Years meme dump.

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Memes 12/12/21

Ok, first off a quick explanation for those of you who aren’t on other social media.

Back on (or the day after, I’m too lazy to go check) a lady by the name of Sharon posted a picture of an absolutely SCORCHED pumpkin pie on the Marie Callender FB page with the line “thanks for ruining Thanksgiving Marie Callendar” (miss-spelling and all). The MC rep handling the page did the standard customer service thing of “oh so sorry, contact us so we can make it right”. But then the internet found it.

And let’s get real, the chances that MC was in any way at fault that Sharon scorched her pie is basically non-existent. And a closer look at Sharon’s FB page made it clear that this lady has figured out that if she bitches hard enough companies will send her things.

Her complaining about her scorched pie, her post (with miss-spelling!) whining about it to MC, and the resultant internet response went viral. No, it didn’t JUST go viral. It went epic. Not only did she get roasted in the responses to her post, but people screenshot the whole thing and shared the screenshots. And then people started creating memes based on it. And then someone made up a FB group specifically for the memes. And then someone in the group had to buy a MC pumpkin pie and see how long you had to cook it for to scorch it like that. The answer? If you cook it at the recommended temp on the box it’ll take 4 hours to scorch as badly as the one Sharon posted.

So, references to “thanks Marie Callendar/Callender”, to “Sharon’s….” and the like are based off of that.

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