Soo…..I gripe about not being able to find links, and I have links!  Such is life.


N Korean Minister executed via mortar round.

The robber put a gun to his head, so he shot the robber.  Now the robber is sueing him.

Wait, you mean minors get constitutional rights too??

If you can afford the car, you’d better be able to afford the insurance!

Is your Halloween candy union approved?

Have you seen this van?

Video games to combat pain.

American Family Insurance wants to go out of business.

My size is none of your business!”


I’ve been having trouble putting together links for these lately (as I’m sure you noticed).  I usually browse the news on my phone, from my ipad, or at work while waiting for things to process and these are the times when I collect the majority of my links.  The problem: more and more sites have been changing their options for “sharing” their articles.  Many no longer an option to “email to a friend” which is how I usually get my links to my home computer for these posts.  Instead I have to log into my Facebook, or other social media to share the link there, and I refuse to do that at work, and am less than happy doing it from public wireless systems, and don’t want those passwords saved in my phone.  And just to add insult to injury at least one major media site technically still offers the “email to a friend” option….IF you’ll log into your webmail account via their page to do so.  Yah, I don’t think so…..


A life preserver for toddlers.

Fail! (and I’m laughing at you!)

Radioactive cash.

I coulda told you that.

Your computer could kill you!!!

Lawsuit pending in 3 2 1….