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Ever be driving down the highway and end up behind someone who’s afraid of passing tractor trailers? It can be funny to watch and frustrating to be stuck behind.  Well, some guy over in Europe got away with using that fear as an excuse for speeding!

The Amtrak Cheif of Police has barred the TSA from security operations on its properties till further notice….something about insisting on scanning everyone who entered the terminal…..

You know, if the police were knocking on my door 50+ times over the last 8 years and always ended up having the wrong house I think I’d have already been in court over the matter, and I’m not the sueing type!!

So…..whats the difference between a tattoo gun, a caulk gun, a water gun, and a glue gun?  One will get you suspended from school!

Ever wondered if the Medical Drug giants are price gouging their customers?  Wonder no more…..

Turns out New Hampshire isn’t the only state thats fed-up with the TSA, you can include Texas, New Jersey, and maybe even Hawaii, in that list too!

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For those of you who’ve never heard of let me warn you not to go there if you don’t like puns, evil humor, or graphic humor.  For those of you who can find amusement in anything is the site for you.  There’s a link over in my blogroll if you like.

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Fark doesn’t bother to come up with a cute headline for this one but they do pretty well sum it up.  Personally this article has so much fail in it, its not funny, but then, it is Florida.  Mall, private property, has dress code.  Security is charged with enforcing said dress code.  Kid has been warned several times and keeps on breaking dress code (I so do not get the saggy pants thing, not only does it make you look stupid you can’t move at a decent pace with your pants like that, srsly).  Kid sees Security coming and runs.  Security chases and kid runs into traffic and is killed.  First fail, why the heck was the kid running?  What did he think was security going to do to him?  Most likely kick him out of the property and call his mom.  Not the end of the world, especially since mom comes across as one of those “my baby is always right” parents.  Makes me wonder what he had on him that he didn’t want security to find.  But then there’s Security’s fail… of the officers is quoted in the article as stating that by policy they aren’t supposed to chase unless lives are at stake.   Oops.  AND he admitted it to the press.  Even if mom hadn’t already been planning to sue that would have ensured it right there.  Good job Mall Security!

Fark headline: City has so many bad cops it can no longer afford to hire lawyers to defend them against police brutality suits.  And I have to say that although the article doesn’t explicitly SAY that, you do have to wonder just why they were having to spend so much money defending the cops.