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Ok, three.

Turns out that pushing yourself to the limits for fitness might be just as bad as not exercising at all.  I have a Facebook friend, who I actually knew in college, who’s a HUGE Crossfit dude.  He and his wife participate in Crossfit regularly, and he has dreams of making it to the major competitions that make it onto TV.  He regularly posts memes that show two 80+ adults, one in a wheelchair and one muscle bound, insisting that the only difference between them is that one exercised.  Well he used to.  If he still does he does it so that I can’t see them, apparently he got tired of arguing with me over whether that muscle bound 80-something woman is actually “average”.  It was all I could do to not specifically wave this study in his face.  Nor did it surprise me.

Hillary is not the first.  Though certinally if she wins she can claim that.  On the subject of politics, I expect NY state to go to Hillary thanks to NYC and the capital area.  If Upstate NY was a separate voting group I’d expect it to go to Trump, as the number of Trump signs and flags has grown exponentially in the last several weeks.

Speaking of politics and Trump, another article looking at why Trump is so popular.

In my new life, as an uncomfortable member of what folks back home pejoratively call the elite, my friends blame racism for this perception of the president. There is, undoubtedly, some truth to that theory. But most of the people I know dislike Obama for reasons that have nothing to do with skin color. They think of him as an alien because, compared to them, he is.

Regardless of what I think of Trump (and my thoughts are pretty darn negative on the subject), I do have to agree that I get really sick of the “you hate Obama cause of his skin color!” memes that go around.  Cause yah, his skin color’s got nothing to do with it, other than the fact that I get really tired of having it waved in my face!  I didn’t not vote for Obama cause of his skin color any more than I’m not going to vote for Hillary cause of her genitals!


Volcano is sinking, this may not be a good thing……

Yet another reason to be careful of that raw cookie dough.

Well digging burros.

Yet another reason not to trust auto-pilot.

Another reason why I never had any desire to become a pro-photographer.

Not sure this school quite understands the concept.

Not new, but another reason why the TSA sucks.

New Zealand town offering incentives to bring in workers!  To bad the media got it wrong again.

Turns out that the last 15yrs worth of fMRI research might be completely screwed.

I love both the colors, and the color names, I might just have to buy more yarn!

Selfies are deadly!

Illusion of the year finalists.

Sugar might be the cause of that heart attack.

The fire extinguishing ball.  Video.  I hope this catches on, I love the concept.

A couple more links

These two deserved a bit more than just a line.

“adopt” a dairy cow and her milk production for that period will be donated to a food pantry!  I thought this was an awesome program, and I wish something like it was a bit wider spread.  According to a post on Facebook though not everyone agrees with me.  Apparently a group of vegans had an absolute cow (and yes, I had to phrase it that way) over the idea and got quite rude.  To say I disagree with them would be putting it mildly.  So, adopt a dairy cow and give milk to some kid who needs it!

Now, I’m not against a good firm swat on the bottom when a child misbehaves.  But I absolutely draw the line at anything that leaves marks on the child.  But I’m not sure I blame this mother at all.  Assuming the media got the story right, she found out that her three pre-teens had broken into a friends home and stolen stuff.  She turned around, grabbed an electronics cord, and beat the three of them black and blue and possibly bloody.  Though technically child abuse (as she has now been charged) I’m not sure I agree with the charges.  We’ve an epidemic in this country of a certain subset of children growing up and thinking they can take what they want because they don’t have the money to buy it.  Mom sounds like she got her ass in gear and built herself a reasonably successful company and a job, and was utterly horrified to discover that her children weren’t prepared to do the same.  By the time they’re preteen ages sending them to their rooms and grounding them isn’t the most powerful of punishments.  And this wasn’t “I forgot to pay for a candy bar” sort of theft, this was outright breaking and entering.


The Poison Garden.

Hope for Multiple Sclerosis patients.

Yah know how its hard to get a solid sleep when you’re in a new place?  Its not your imagination.

Spare room Gin, no, it really is alcohol, and it won big!

John Hopkins is going to study lyme disease.

How to lose your lease in one simple step.

Your laugh for the day.

Fake leg allows man to commit murder.

Internet Mapping Glitch.

Why gun control can’t be solved.

Why forced watch lists aren’t the answer.

Rare birds steal undies.

Fake jobs.

Arrested for bacon vodka.

A study on who gardens and who preserves.



DEA wants your medical records, without a warrant.

PSTD may not just be “all in their head” after all, at least in some cases!

Your BSL is stupid, really, really, really, stupid.  I looked up the law in question, it really is stupider than usual.

Viking sagas are real!

Best investment ever!

Another unspoken hero.

Goose vs Eagle.

I’ll be avoiding OK next road trip.….

The things you learn when you follow people from birth to death.

The heros.

Prince didn’t die from pain pills.

Maple Syrup kills cancer.

Paris plans to ban cars over 10yrs old.

I think these kids just beat all those “in my days” stories cold.

Gardening under fire.

Hmmm, I wonder if they could fix my favorite heels?

Women live longer when surrounded by nature.


Look, I don’t care if your dog is always in your yard when you check on it, if its not restrained in some manner it is very likely it is leaving your yard at some point through out the day.

I need one of these.

I can’t imagine not being able to picture…..

New Orleans is sinking (not that I’m surprised).

Some of those folk remedies actually work.

I can’t wait till I can add this to my first aid kit.

Quaker Oats…..Quaker Oaks…..no difference, right?

If your computer gives you a popup about installing Win 10, do NOT just hit the red-X to close the window!

Some of the odd laws you run across…..in AZ you can’t hold a potluck in a private home!

The opioid epidemic might not actually be.  Course, now that its on the public radar we’ll never be able to back-track either.

If you see something say something.  Cause a camera is scary…..

Beaten for looking too male.

I don’t care what it looks like, if it really works that well on motion sickness, I want one!

The stupidity of the general public.

Why you should always take a close look at those parking tickets before just paying them.

I love this idea, and not just for the animals either, I get really tired of listening to them all summer.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s finally some pushback on the various .GOV organizations using SWAT style raids for everything.

Yet another reason to buy Carhartt!

If you don’t read the Bloggess I highly recommend her.  For reasons 1, 2, 3, 4……


More proof that schools are a large portion of the problem.

CT on its way to criminalize sex.

Steele Auto Group apparently doesn’t understand satire, or the Streisand effect.

NSFW, but I really want this as my ringtone…..

I don’t care what your opinion of GMOs is, when that small a number of companies holds that large a share of the market, there’s a problem.

More proof that our education system is in dire straits.

Cause injured cats are scary, don’t you know?

DUH!  Why is this a surprise?

A reason to avoid Apple’s Music Subscription/cloud storage.

Countdown to Immodium ending up behind the pharmacy counter and being regulated by the .GOV in 3….2….

There’s so little difference between brands…..

Food Freedom Legislation.

DCMA and medical implants.

Ever wanted to own your own pet supply store?  Here’s an opportunity.

A sweet new design on window AC units.

An interesting look at what really prevents mosquito bites.

Don’t’cha know?  Trees are RACIST!

I’ll agree that there’s a problem, but this isn’t going to fix it…..


Zero tolerance doesn’t just apply to students.  Did they want her to use slang??

Rape culture and bathroom problems.

Radiation, is it really that bad?

History: Queen Elizabeth served as a mechanic in WWII.

Shoshone River boiled.

The FBI faked this entire field of forensic evidence.

She said it was consensual.  They suspended him anyway.

“while supplies last” apparently doesn’t mean what we all think it means.

Part of why I never could get into Game of Thrones, books or show.

Not a huge movie fan, especially in recent years.  And I think I figured out part of why.

Email privacy act.


If you still have Apple’s Quicktime on your computer its time to ditch it.

Monster Trucks have a use beyond just annoying your neighbors!

Gee, imagine, prosecutors actually doing what they’re supposed to!

Please make sure your pets are up to date on their Rabies shots!

One of the best explanations I’ve read so far for why “free college” isn’t the solution.

I have to find the time to look closer at this one.  Ketogenic diet cures dogs of cancer?

History, the Saint Francis Dam disaster.

More history, the first Brit in space, getting written out of history?

Hit and run drivers didn’t know it was illegal to “run”?

Why just clicking “like” on Facebook might be a bad idea.

Diabetes linked to Alzheimer’s.

Ok, I laughed, petition to change the national anthem…..

Why waking a sleeping tiger is a bad idea.

The rise of cases like this should be a warning to all pet owners.

How Sci-Hub came to be, and why.

30yr old business to be shut down by city.