Carhartt Vaccine Mandate–New Coat bleg

Carhartt has decided that its vaccine mandate will stand, even though the OSHA mandate was put down by the Supreme Court. Link, Link, Link, Link.

Carhartt as a company certainly has the right to mandate what it wants it’s employees to do. I stand by their right to mandate the C19 vaccine if they so desire.

But I have really strong feelings about a mandate that forces people to get a medical procedure that hasn’t even completed its full testing regimen and in a different political climate wouldn’t even be FDA approved yet. So while I normally try to ignore a companies politics when shopping, this means that I won’t be buying any more Carhartt while that mandate is in place.

Which pisses me off, I love my Carhartt gear. It holds up to the abuse, and on the occasion there’s a problem with it they’ve helped. They’ve sent me, FOR FREE, replacement zipper pulls when a coat’s zipper pull broke. I love their stuff. I literally just bought new gloves from their local store a couple weeks ago, and have been haunting their website waiting for the coat I want in the size I want to come back into stock so I can replace my current one, which at 10+ years of abuse is finally showing its wear enough to need replacement.

So now I need a new winter work coat. I usually buy Carhartt’s Duck Canvas with the heavy quilted lining in mens XL. The combination of mens style and XL size means that while it fits me well enough to wear on its own, its also big enough to wear additional layers underneath if I need to, or to wear over my insulated overalls comfortably. I prefer the style that does NOT have elastic at the bottom, Carhartt calls that “Full Swing”.

I don’t suppose anyone knows of a comparable quality coat out there?

Power Tool Bleg

I have just enough energy to be thinking about all the things I want to be doing, and no where near enough energy to do any of it.

But anyway…..

I mentioned back in the fall that I’d acquired a 6’x6’x6′ wooden box to use as the basis for a future greenhouse.  My goal for it this summer is to get it moved into location on the property, get the clear roof on, and a smaller door built.  If I can get at least one sides worth of windows on that’d be awesome.  But the roof and the door would mean that I could potentially use it next spring even if I don’t get the rest of it done right away.

But this means that I’m going to have to cut holes in the plywood sides and roof.  I currently have a corded circular saw (Black & Decker), a battery powered recip saw (18v Dewalt), and various hand powered tools.  The circular saw is a full sized saw, and its heavy, no way I’m going to be using that.  I MIGHT be able to managed it with the recip (which is lighter, but not lightweight by any stretch), but especially the roof parts, only might.  I know my limits, and having either of those up over my head and running doesn’t sound like fun.  Yes, I can get Husband to help me, and plan to, but still.  I may end up on a ladder cutting down on the roof instead, but then that’d be awkward too.

Best suggestion for the tool to use for cutting out the window openings?  I kinda have my eye on some of those little corded circular saws, but they’re not especially cheap……

Bleg: Anyone recognize these gloves?


3 or 4 years ago I bought these gloves at Gander Mountain.  If there was a logo or brand name on them I didn’t notice it then, and it’s worn away now.  They weren’t horribly expensive.  I know they’re not Carhartt, because that was what I actually wanted and I settled for these.  What I can read off the tag (pictured) says they’re a size M, which means they’re either women’s size or boy’s size as my hands are tiny and they’re only slightly to big on me.  The palm and fronts of the fingers are leather, the side of the thumb is black suede, the back of the hand is nylon.

Whatever they are they’ve held up to winter wear and tear (including stacking firewood) better than any glove I’ve previously tried, and kept my hands warm better than any other glove I’ve tried.  Infact I don’t even need to replace them now, but I’d like to get another pair or two to stash away.  And my husband would like a pair to fit him.  An internet search with various search terms (including the number on the remaining tag) nets me lots of gloves, some similar, but nothing quite the same.  Nor is there anything the same on Gander Mountain’s website.

Small Business Promo

I mostly try to avoid putting up identifying information about me and mine on here, though I know if you really wanted to find me it wouldn’t be hard.  But sometimes it has to be done.

My mom has been trying her hand at selling her handi-work, with the idea of using it as a 2ndary income after she retires.  If you’re in Massachusetts proper you may be able to catch her at a local fair.  But she also has an Etsy Store.  She’s also on Facebook (Carolyn’s Jean Bags) if you prefer.

Now, I’m working with her to try to get better photos of everything, it’s a bit hard long distance, but I think the ideas are getting across.

She’s been making purses and bags (and clothing, and halloween costumes, and at least one prom outfit for me) for as long as I can remember.  Her stuff is well made, and should hold up well to abuse.

As you’re buying gifts this holiday please consider buying from small business and local craftspeople.  Sometimes it costs more, sometimes it doesn’t.  But it means so much more to them!

Multi-tool bleg

Does anyone know of a decent quality multi-tool that does NOT contain a knife?

See, I can’t (per company code) carry a knife, other than the ridiculous safety knife issued to us, at work.  We’re allowed to carry all sorts of OTHER tools, but not any other knife.  Flat bladed screwdriver?  Sure.  Pry bar? Sure.  Knife of any kind?  OMG, YOU’RE SO GETTING FIRED FOR BRINGING A WEAPON TO WORK!!!!

And yet there are so many situations where I could SO use to have a multi tool on me.  Yes, the company HAS tools we can use.  If I want to find someone to let me into the office to dig through the tool cabinet to find what I want.  While the customer waits impatiently.

I am aware that several of my co-workers carry multi-tools on the sales floor regardless of the knife/weapon rule.  And management mostly turns a blind eye to it as long as no one gets injured.  But my personal preference would be to NOT push the envelope.

I know the Leatherman bracelet thing doesn’t contain a knife, but I’m not a bracelet sort of person (Leatherman is supposed to be pretty sturdy stuff, but I’d rather not test out the bracelet’s durability, and I would be if I bought one).  Plus I’d really like a pair of pliers and the like too.

I did recently run across the SOG line of multitools, where it looks like in at least most of them you could potentially pull out the knife and put in an extra piece of something else instead, which is kinda cool.   Anyone have any experience with these?

Are there any other options out there?


I’ve been using Agnitum’s Outpost firewall for several years.  Like it alot and have recommended it.  Unfortunately Agnitum’s been bought out, and the firewall will be going away in short order.

For those of us with paid licenses they’re offering two years free of Kaspersky’s firewall.  Kaspersky’s not one I’d looked at closely, but doing so now I was less than thrilled.  Better than nothing, but not something I’m going to want to use long term probably.  I’d about decided to take the free install till I could find something else, when I discovered that Kaspersky doesn’t play well with my antivirus of choice.


Doing more poking around I ran across Comodo’s firewall.  Reviews look good, other than the usual “watch what check boxes you leave checked during install” thats pretty standard these days.  Anyone have any input on it?  Or for that matter, have a different firewall you use?  This is a Windows 7 machine, and though I keep saying I’m going to duel boot with Mint the Win7 side won’t be going away any time soon due to having too many programs that need Windows……

Bleg: Small robotics or small electrical experience?

Any one out there with small robotics or electrical experience who’d be willing spend a few minutes to help me set up a wiring diagram for a project?  I can PROBABLY figure it out, but I’d appreciate assistance in making sure I’m getting it right…..

I could also use a link to a decent source for “stuff”, such as a (dimmer type) power control knob, etc….I think I miss Radioshack!

Please vote for Apollo!

I have, again, entered a couple photos of Apollo in the TMINFO Calendar contest.  A couple years ago we managed to get one of his photos in it, so I’m trying again this year.

You don’t need to register to vote, and you can reload the page and vote again, up to 5 times, for each photo (and any other photo you see in the contest that catches your eye).

Photo 1 (click this link to vote)



And Photo 2 (again, click this link to vote)


Smoking (meat)….bleg?

Ok, so at my (husband’s) nephew’s birthday party this summer they had a cousin (ok, technically my husband’s sister’s husband’s cousin’s husband) smoke a pork butt for pulled pork as well as do up some chicken in his smoker.

I wasn’t entirely thrilled.  About the only smoked meat I like is bacon, and pretty much the only pork I eat is bacon, so I settled on a small piece of chicken, and planned to eat alot of cake (hardship that that is).

But dang that pulled pork smelled good.  So I ended up going back to grab some, I figured eating a bite or two would fix that problem.  And then I went back a 2nd time and loaded up my plate….

And then I tracked down the (husband’s sister’s husband’s cousin’s husband) cousin who made it and demanded the recipe for his pulled pork.  He was kind enough to email it to me.

So yah, next step was a smoker.  Picked up a seriously cheap electric smoker off craigslist ($40, but it wasn’t exactly a high end unit to begin with), made a couple of the recommended modifications to the unit that made sense to me (like, putting in a proper thermometer instead of the “cool, ideal, hot” one it had).  I figure its easy enough to upgrade to a better unit later if we actually end up using it.

The guy added in a half bag of hickory chunks when we picked it up.  So I should be good for a couple runs of smoking meat before having to find more wood.

When I make our grocery run Thursday or Friday I’m going to pick up the various ingredients I need.  Hopefully this weekend I’ll be giving this a try. 

I know there’s folks out there who smoke meat on a regular basis.  So tell me what I need to know before I go and do this for real…..