Oh yes, this is going to end well

Syracuse NY hospital shuttering 22 of its operating rooms as vaccine mandates take effect.

Now, priority will be given to surgeries that are medically necessary, time sensitive or involve critical-care trauma cases, the hospital announced Friday. Those surgeries will be consolidated into the 13 open operating rooms.

NY faces mass firings as health care vaccine mandates take effect

As of Sept. 22, state data shows, around 84 percent of New York’s 450,000 hospital workers and 83 percent of its 145,400 nursing home employees had been fully vaccinated. But tens of thousands of people are estimated not to have gotten a shot despite being threatened with losing their jobs.

Rochester NY area hospitals and nursing homes looking at having to close upwards of 1/3rd of their beds.

Watertown hospital and facilities could lose over 20% of its employees, notes that vaccinated employees are joining into protests against the mandate.

Seneca County NY asks state to rethink mandate

NY hospital having to stop delivering babies as mandate takes effect.

The supply chain is so fucked

March 2021 plastics shortage across industries

April 2021 big rig parts and supplies, including rubber and computer chips

April 2021 Land Rover suspends production due to shortages

April 2021 shortage of pipette tips causing testing and lab shortages

April 2021 semiconductor shortage hits all electronics industries including appliances, small electronics, vehicles

April 2021 aluminum shortage affects beverage industry

May 2021 shortage of glass bottles and jars

June 2021 increasing plastics shortage

July 2021 big rig parts and supplies

July 2021 Ford cuts production due to shortages

July 2021 shortage of glass packaging

July 2021 shortage of aluminum packaging

July 2021 seafaring crews burning out

August 2021 over 40 ships waiting to unload off CA ports

August 2021 Toyota cuts production by 40% due to shortages

August 2021 restaurants report shortages of plastic cups and takeout containers

August 2021 plastics shortage affecting beverage industry

August 2021 shortage of glass bottles affecting liquor industry

August 2021 aluminum shortage affects across industries

Sept 2021 computer chips and auto parts shortages

Sept 2021 a record 56 ships waiting to unload off CA ports

Sept 2021 tracking a single toy through the supply chain

Sept 2021 plastics shortage affecting sporting goods industry

Sept 2021 Kroger says grocery prices continuing to climb

add in constant labor shortages that have only increased in the last year

add in that EVERYTHING relies on computers to run

we’re running short on just about anything that can be used as packaging for products across the board, never mind the products themselves

we’re literally looking at shortages of the materials we need to package foods in, and not just the single meal freezer things, but whole roasts, large bulk meats, kegs of drinks, milk jugs, are all packaging plastic or metal or glass based.

and none of that is looking at the medical industry, I mentioned it briefly in one of the above links, but all of these material shortages also affect the packaging of drugs, sterile liquids, sterile needles, packaging to keep things sterile, IV line hose, IV bags, lab equipment. Plus the labor shortages in the medical industries were already severe before COVID, then folks burned out hard during COVID, and now we’re firing some fairly significant percentage of the remaining peoples because they’re wary of the COVID vaccines. Think it’s already hard to get in to see your doctor? It’s about to get way worse, only now not only is it because there aren’t enough doctors, it’s also because they don’t have the supplies to do your treatments. Need an infusion? Lets see, metal IV needle, or plastic port, silicone hose, a not short list of plastic parts-valves and what not, the bag or bottle containing the medication, various sterile packagings.

Oh, medications! As of Feb 2021 80% of the raw materials used to make drugs used in the USA are manufactured overseas. Which means that not only is there a packaging problem for medications, there’s all those same transportation and manufacturing and labor problems for medications too.

Lets see, what else is of vital importance….oh, electricity to run the hospitals, and your fridge! April 2021 continued parts shortage and price increases of electrical supplies and copper. July 2021 expect electrical supply shortages through 2022.

What about running water? April 2021 shortages of PVC pipe cause a relook at clay pipe. April 2021 pool equipment shortage, seems pretty benign, till you realize much the same equipement is also used to handle drinking water. Infact the same supply chain disruptions that affected all the plastics and rubber are all things that are required for the making of water pumps, plus metals and plastics for the pumps themselves.

But yes, lets keep freaking out about a virus with a 99+% survival rate and lets keep shutting things down and making things harder and harder to run. Who needs electricity? Or food, or running water, or drugs? Its all good……

You know

The .GOV coulda used this screaming hysteria over Covid to push general health. Lose weight! Exercise more! Eat healthier! People with healthier bodies, people who are less over weight, people who exercise regularly, eat healthier, all routinely had better outcomes from covid than the folks who were the opposite.

But no.

Instead they advocated for staying home. Locked down gyms, locked off playgrounds, filled skate parks with sand, arrested people walking alone on the beach, closed parks. Convinced people to tattle on their neighbors’ kids for playing basketball.

Which in turn turn made people less healthy, and thus more likely to die from covid. Not to mention the mental health decline. Not to mention the other health issues that went untreated.

yah yah its all beating a dead horse now

FDA approval

yah no, that’s not helping, not helping at all

If I can read the damn letters from the FDA and spot that they’re requiring additional testing to be done, some of which won’t be done until 2027!

If I can read the damn letters and spot the fine print:

The licensed vaccine has the same formulation as the EUA-authorized vaccine and the products can be used interchangeably to provide the vaccination series without presenting any safety or effectiveness concerns. The products are legally distinct with certain differences that do not impact safety or effectiveness.

So basically they approved A VERSION of the Pfizer shot, but not the one that everyone got, and they’re extending the EUA on the version that everyone got…..

….and wonder why the hell it’s been “FDA APPROVED!!!” but they’re still looking at needing more data to be sure its safe, and why are they extending the EUA if its approved……

…..and there’s legal distinctions and why does that matter….

…..except that the EUA version means that the company isn’t liable and while the approved one means the company is liable, and BY LAW the EUA vaccines can’t be mandated and FDA approved ones can, and gosh, I wonder how long it’s going to take them to get actual approved one across the USA while everyone who’s now going for a shot is thinking they’re getting an FDA approved shot and legally they aren’t, and just what are the changes/differences, and if it’s been so thoroughly tested why do those tests that aren’t going to be done till 2027 even matter, except clearly they do, so clearly they don’t know that it’s THAT safe and…..

…..and I feel like a goddammed conspiracy theorist, but this whole mess has me wanting to turn into a hermit and say fuck it to the world….

And if I’m having this set of thoughts there’s going to be an awful lot of other people reading these letters thinking the same things I’ve been and thinking that there’s no way in hell.

Zero Covid isn’t going to happen

And “variants” were going to happen no matter what we did.

Look, first of all, we knew from the beginning that this was a virus type known for rapid mutation. I distinctly remember discussion on that way back at the beginning of 2020. As soon as the virus started spreading we were going to get variants. It was the nature of the things.

Second: even if everyone in the whole wide world WANTED the vaccine and was ready and willing and able to go line up for it the instant it became available, it was going to be physically impossible to vaccinate the entire world fast enough to stop variations and mutations. Normal production bottlenecks, manpower bottlenecks, never mind the realities of a post shutdown world, all meant that it was going to be physically impossible to vaccinate EVERYONE in a short enough span of time to stop mutations from happening.

C: none of the vaccines are sterilizing vaccines, and normal immune system variations means that some people take it better than others, which means that even if it had been physically possible to vaccinate everyone within the first few months after vaccine approval, AND everyone was willing to take it, we’d STILL be dealing with mutations and variations and more covid infections.

4th: We can’t convince everyone to get the vaccines that have been around for decades that we know everything there is to know about them! Plus we’ve spent years indoctrinating people that it takes a LONG TIME and MUCH TESTING in order to make sure new drugs and vaccines are safe, that it takes MUCH MUCH MUCH time, YEARS, to be sure that the new drugs aren’t going to have bad side effects, and that sometimes even that goes wrong and years later have to recall previously safe drugs. Hell, mid-2019 we had a massive recall of ALL brands of a major anti-acid reflux med that had been on the market for years and years and years because we suddenly discovered that it might contain a carcinogen! What possibly possessed you to think that we were going to manage to convince everyone that it was ok to take a vaccine that was being rushed through the process?? Whether or not enough testing was being done to be reasonably confident of its safety didn’t matter at that point.

Fifth: human nature means that the more you push, the more the people you’re pushing against are going to push back. Screaming about variants and scare mongering only makes that worse. And an awful lot of the people refusing these vaccines are well educated and knowledgeable people. Who know how to read data, charts, and graphs, and see results for themselves.

Did you know that the USA, CDC, and various other official groups had pandemic plans ready to go in case of a SARS/Influenza/respiratory virus pandemic? And that those plans accurately predicted the how various waves of COVID19 rise and fall and how people would react to various attempts to mitigate it. And pointed out that all the mitigation efforts in the world won’t work if people won’t cooperate so you need to keep that in mind and so DON’T DO THIS LIST OF THINGS. And that our various .GOV peoples panicked and threw them out the window and ignored them completely when it came to COVID.

According to the CDCs data, children aged 0 to 4 years: 150 deaths from Covid. Total.*

According to the CDCs data, In the 2018-2019 flu season children aged 0 to 4 years: 266 died of the flu.

According to the CDCs data, in 2019 children aged 0 to 4 years: 434 died of drowning.

According to the CDCs data, RSV kills between 100 and 500 children under the age of 5 years every year.

But yes, by all means, lets lock down further, insist on masking 2yr olds with masks that don’t work anyway (seriously, multiple studies have shown that you’ll get better results by increasing ventilation than by masking, I’m done with the link thing today, do some research for yourself for once). Let’s continue to push people into corners where their recourse is to lash out. Australia just shot rescue dogs because they couldn’t handle the idea that people were going to have to drive across the country to pick them up. That’s TOTALLY a reasonable thing, I mean, TOTALLY…..NOT. And there’s no way in hell that’ll backfire on them. I mean, they’ve already got riots, what’s a few dead dogs in the mix? And hey, if you get vaccinated they’ll let you have an WHOLE EXTRA HOUR OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOUSE. Woohoo!


There’s a meme: People went from “I’d punch a Nazi” to “papers please” really damn quick.

But it’s for the greater good!!!! Sure, you console yourself with that. And while you’re doing that I’ll start listing all the various atrocities that started out with that sentence.

You feel safer with a mask? Fine, wear one. Feel safer that your kid wears a mask? Well, unless your kid is otherwise sick you’re being stupid, but that’s fine, you do you. But while you’re at it make sure that the ventilation in their school and your home is up to par, cause at least that’ll actually DO SOMETHING to reduce their risk. You want the vaccine, and various boosters that haven’t been updated for the new mutant strains and therefor aren’t actually going to help that much, and that even the WHO says the boosters might not be worthwhile? That’s fine, you do you. But this mandate thing is backfiring hard, and its only going to continue to get worse. And we got WAY bigger problems than whether the guy in the car next to you is vaccinated for not. Like, food on the table, electricity to keep the fridge running, and that sorta thing…..

Mind, I’m not sure why I’m bothering with this. Most of you reading this agree with me, and the ones who don’t aren’t going to change their minds reading my blog posts. But if I don’t vent somewhere reasonably safe I’ll start to do it on FB and horrify half of my friends and all my family, so yah.

It doesn’t help that I’m sitting here wondering if they planned this absolutely horrid evac from Afghanistan in an attempt to distract us all from the Covid mandates only to have that backfire even worse.

*as of the date this was posted