6 thoughts on “memes 2/6/22”

    • I think wordpress is glitched. It says I have them set correctly to open, but isn’t loading the settings completely. You can right click and “open in new tab” though and it’ll open them in large format.

  1. At this point, quit apologizing. Heck, it’s your blog, you shouldn’t feel the need to apologize for other people’s perceived requirement for your publishing timeline.

    • True! On the other hand I didn’t have a good reason for forgetting either, and the more pictures I try to do at once the glitchier it sometimes gets.

  2. I have to admit, Mark Hamil picking up some power converters at Tosche station made me laugh.

    • laughter is my goal, while there’s the occasional serious one, most of these are just here cause they amused me on some level

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