Is this how you want to live?

Ok, my bias on the subject of the C19 response has been pretty obvious. But regardless of whether you agree with me, and especially if you don’t:

Is this how you want to spend the rest of your life?

You’ve allowed yourself to be terrorized into hiding your face, hiding inside your house. Minimizing, or even completely stopping, in person contact. You stopped exercising except for what you could do at home. As a result your health has deteriorated further than it was before. Your weight has gone up. Your joints object to serious work even worse than before. Your mental health has deteriorated. You have massive adrenal fatigue from the constant fear.

You’ve not seen some of your family members in person since March 2020. Maybe you even don’t even talk to them anymore because they didn’t agree with you on the seriousness of C19.

You panic and back away at the sight of an unmasked face. You can’t understand how someone who has other health concerns could be willing to risk going out in public, especially unmasked!

You catch a cold, the flu, or even the dreaded C19, despite your best efforts and decide its obviously the fault of that unmasked person you saw the other day.

Is this how you want to spend the rest of your life? Cause that constant fear alone is by god miserable. You’re missing out on family get togethers, hugs, meeting the new baby, birthday parties. You’re hurting your long term health prospects out of fear you might catch C19.

Life is risks. And I assume the reason you’re trying to avoid C19 is to live longer. But is it really worth it if you take away all of that? For however long the rest of your life may be?

If you found out you had an inoperable condition that WOULD kill you in 30 days, what would be more important? Huddling away from life in fear you might get sick and shorten that 30 days? Or being able to go to your final rest knowing you made the most of the time you had?

You never know whats going to happen.

A stroke or a heart attack could happen to just about anyone at any time. Car in the next lane spins out on the ice.

Sure would suck to die where the last years of your life you were voluntarily having hid away in terror of a respiratory virus, instead of doing all the things you wanted to do.

Or maybe it’ll be a relief, cause now you won’t miss it any more.

Getting sick is not a moral failing

A family member is all upset, her husband came down sick with covid.

CLEARLY this is the fault of some un-masked person who dared go out in public!

Meanwhile I’m here reading her description of how he was sick with a scratchy throat for less than a week and had a low grade fever (less than 100) for 3 days and thinking to myself “nice! Not only did he get off light, he’s now got legit antibodies from the current strain to bolster his shots!”.

Its a respiratory virus for fucks sake! Not ebola! Not HIV!

Even the various sections of the .GOV have admitted that the shots don’t stop transmission. More and more data shows that anything short of a properly fitted N95 mask is damn near useless for stopping virus transmission. And I swear to god the CDC keeps coming out with the stupidest research in trying to insist that masks work.

EVERYONE is going to get it. Just like the flu. Once it spread beyond that first town in where-ever (regardless of the actual source) it was never going to be possible to stop it. Infact, getting it now, when you’re recently vax’d, boostered, AND most likely to be exposed to the Omicron variant (which is mild mild in comparison to the original), is probably the best way to get it and the antibodies that natural infection brings.

Meanwhile theres also a growing database of the damaging side affects of masking and isolation on the public in general and children in particular. Both the damage masking is doing to the wearer, and also to people who see mostly masked faces.

The constant restrictions have fucked the economy and the supply chain (world wide!) to the point where its going to take years to fix even if we could actually get everyone to STOP FUCKING WITH IT FURTHER today.

The .GOV went out of its way to suppress treatments and discussion of things that mitigate symptoms and severity while the media does their damndest to make it all look as bad and horrible as possible. We’re going to be generations fixing the damage done to the public’s trust in the health care system.

Just stop. Its a respiratory virus. Your chances of dying from it were never all that high, and they’ve continued to drop. Just stop for fucks sake.