memes 4/18/21

For those of you who’re new to my meme dumps: They started on Facebook. It just so happens that when Covid hit my employer was deemed an essential business, which makes me an “essential” worker. Yay. The memes quickly developed into a way for me and my FB friends (many of whom are co-workers, or other “essential” workers) to get a laugh when we were all stressed all to hell. I started posting them here at the request of family who aren’t on FB, and then on Twitter at the request of my husband who prefers that platform.

I keep my FB page very non-political, as I have friends on about every side of the political spectrum you can picture, so there are memes posted here that were not posted on my FB page. I’ve kept it up because the stressors of Covid have NOT gone away for us “essential” workers. If anything they’ve gotten worse. And we ALL need the smile some days.