Christmas Memes

If you follow me on FB or Twitter you’ve already seen these, but I thought I’d collect them all together for one meme dump here.

One question before I start. Is there interest in me continuing meme dumps into the new year? I’m still going strong on FB, and people there are definitely appreciative, and I know the smiles are welcome, and I appreciate knowing I made someone smile. Do you all want this to continue here?

3 thoughts on “Christmas Memes”

  1. The 3 wise man made me LOL. I’ve often wondered if they were so wise, why did they bring useless stuff (even if expensive) instead of blankets and food for the poor family out in the cold? Yes, the gold could have been traded eventually, but they couldn’t have even gotten a good exchange if they were desperate.

    Yes, I’m going to hell 🙂

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