in a less depressing direction

In case it wasn’t obvious, I work an “essential service”, and since I’m reasonably young and healthy I’ve not taken advantage of the extra sick time off offered by my employer and have continued to work, and am, infact, working extra hours to help cover shifts and departments that are short people.

I cope by finding every meme that makes fun of this situation and the general public and sharing them on my FB page.

I thought I’d share them all here for you all to laugh at too if you want.  Below the fold so the folks with slower internets can decide if they want to see or not.  

Note, I did NOT create any of these, they were found online from various sources.

Also, I will add to this periodically, enjoy!

added more 4/4/20

added more 4/7/20

You can buy this on Itunes if you want a copy for your listening pleasure at any time. Its worth it. I frequently listen to it on my lunch break at work. With Headphones. Though Several of my coworkers have also bought it, so I expect no one would care if I just listened to it out loud.

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  1. I like a lot of the memes going around. I’m going to steal your idea and put up a couple of memes that I don’t see here on my blog.

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