Turned out that a fair bit of my lingering symptoms were dehydration.  I do not understand why I’m suddenly having such big issues with dehydration.  I swear I’m drinking alot of water!  So, I bought a bunch of Snapple and Arizona Iced Teas (all non-caffeinated stuff), all of which I normally avoid, because sugary drinks, and keep forcing myself to drink and drink and drink.  And presto, I feel better!  Ugh.  Appointment with the gastro specialist is Thursday and I intend to ask if dehydration is a normal symptom or if there’s something else going on here.  Seriously, I never stopped peeing at a normal rate, and it was normal colored too.  So why was I dehydrated?!

Garden is about half planted, now if Mother Nature would stop trying to drown us…..

As of last Friday there were 4 Bluebird eggs in the nesting box, cross your fingers!

We’ve had a bunch of Baltimore Orioles this year, they’re going through orange halves at an insane rate.  I need to remember to take more pictures, I keep forgetting, on the other hand I’m enjoying watching them.  The hummingbirds are out in force again this year too, such little birds, so big egos!


  1. Ping from Rain Frances:

    Hi Ruth 🙂 That’s concerning about the dehydration…I hope you find out what’s up with that. I’ve never had a big issue with dehydration, but I’m finding as I, ahem, age…I get thirstier and thirstier…but then I’m peeing all day long too lol…and all night it seems! Annoying!!!

    • Ping from Ruth:

      Thats almost the worst part. In order to stay hydrated I’m drinking so much that I feel like I’m in the bathroom constantly! So frustrating!