Woke up this morning to upwards of a 1/2″ of ice on everything


Which of course had been covered by a decent layer of wet snow.  Be carefull out there folks!


  1. Ping from jan:

    I would not venture even close to an outside door.

    • Ping from Ruth:

      We had, thankfully, thought far enough ahead to get ice melt out onto the stairs about 10pm the night before, so the stairs themselves weren’t bad, but yah, we avoided actually going anywhere. It was not a fun day!

  2. Ping from bogie:

    We got about 5″ of snow and then it got hammered by freezing rain, then rain. Glad I got the driveway snow blowed before going to work because the paths I didn’t touch were impossible to clear when I got home.

    • Ping from Ruth:

      Any snow that we didn’t get moved isn’t getting moved till hte next thaw. We got a slight warm up, enough to solidify the snow layer, and then we got rain on top of it, and now we’re frozen again. The yard is a solid rock of ice.