I went out and dug the weeds out of the cantaloupe tires, and lookit what I found!  Woot!


Butterfly!  I see them a fair bit, but don’t usually manage pictures.


Hummingbird Moth.  These guys I usually only see a few times a year, so I always try to get photos when I see them.


Black Pearl Peppers


And oh yah, bunnies.  I actually took this one a few days ago, through my front window.  This fellow was lounging less than 10ft from the window, with two dogs slavering on the other side of the glass……


  1. Ping from threecollie:

    Nice gardens! And bad, bad bunnies!

  2. Ping from Rain Frances:

    Nice find on the cantaloupe! 🙂 Those rabbits are so cute, but I understand that they are pests…until they start bugging me and my garden I guess I won’t know the full impact of their buggery. We see hummingbirds in the spring when the lilac tree is blooming, but otherwise, they don’t show themselves too often. And they’re so quick! I can never get a picture!

    • Ping from Ruth:

      Hummingbirds we get all summer, but then I put feeders out. The Hummingbird Moths though, I only a couple times a year, and they’re very striking!

  3. Ping from bogie:

    I rarely see hummingbird moths, and almost never when I have a camera – great job on getting a pic!

    Cantaloupe – woot, woot – nice find!

  4. Ping from NotClauswitz:

    I got skinny jackrabbits not bunnies, and sometimes a bold one comes up to munch the grass below the bathroom window. My tomatoes are in riot mode.