DEA wants your medical records, without a warrant.

PSTD may not just be “all in their head” after all, at least in some cases!

Your BSL is stupid, really, really, really, stupid.  I looked up the law in question, it really is stupider than usual.

Viking sagas are real!

Best investment ever!

Another unspoken hero.

Goose vs Eagle.

I’ll be avoiding OK next road trip.….

The things you learn when you follow people from birth to death.

The heros.

Prince didn’t die from pain pills.

Maple Syrup kills cancer.

Paris plans to ban cars over 10yrs old.

I think these kids just beat all those “in my days” stories cold.

Gardening under fire.

Hmmm, I wonder if they could fix my favorite heels?

Women live longer when surrounded by nature.