New York politicians want free access to your cell phone

Fuck no

Every person operating a motor vehicle which has been involved in an accident or collision involving damage to real or personal property, personal injury or death, and who has in his possession at or near the time of such accident or collision, a mobile telephone or personal electronic device, shall at the request of a police officer, surrender his or her mobile telephone and/or portable electronic device to the police officer solely for the purpose of field testing such mobile telephone and/or portable electronic device.

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And an article on the proposed bill.

Extra fuck no


Any person who operates a motor vehicle in this state shall be deemed to have given consent to field testing of his or her mobile telephone and/or portable electronic device for the purpose of determining the use thereof while operating a motor vehicle provided that such testing is conducted by or at the direction of a police officer, after such person has operated a motor vehicle involved in an accident or collision involving damage to real or personal property, personal injury or death.  If a person operating a motor vehicle involved in an accident or collision involving damage to real or personal property, personal injury or death has in his or her possession a mobile telephone or portable electronic device, having thereafter been requested to surrender such mobile telephone and/or portable electronic device for field testing, and having been informed that the person’s license or permit to 17 drive and any non-resident operating privilege shall be immediately suspended and subsequently revoked, shall be revoked for refusal to surrender his or her mobile telephone and/or portable electronic device solely for the purpose of field testing, whether or not the person is found guilty of a violation of section twelve hundred twenty-five-c or twelve hundred twenty-five-d of this article, refuses to surrender his or her mobile telephone or portable electronic device solely for the purpose of field testing, unless a court order has been granted pursuant to subdivision four of this section, field testing shall not be conducted and a written report of such refusal shall be immediately made by the police officer before whom such refusal was made. Such report may be verified by having the report sworn to, or by affixing to such report a form notice that false statements made therein are punishable as a class A misdemeanor pursuant to section 210.45 of the penal law and such form notice together with the subscription of the deponent shall constitute a verification of the report.

For persons charged with a violation of section twelve hundred twenty-five-c or twelve hundred twenty-five-d of this article, the license or permit to drive and any non-resident operating privilege shall, upon the basis of such written report, be temporarily suspended by the court without notice pending the determination of a hearing as provided in paragraph (c) of this subdivision. Copies of such report must be transmitted by the court to the commissioner and such transmittal may not be waived even with the consent of all the parties. Such report shall be forwarded to the commissioner within forty-eight hours of such filing of charges.The court or the commissioner shall provide such person with a scheduled hearing date, a waiver form and such other information as maybe required by the commissioner. If a hearing, as provided in paragraph of this subdivision, is waived by such person, the commissioner shall immediately revoke the license, permit or non-resident operating privilege, as of the date of receipt of such waiver in accordance with 2 paragraph (d) of this subdivision.


Any license which has been revoked pursuant to paragraph (c) of this subdivision shall not be restored for at least one year after such revocation, nor thereafter, except in the discretion of the commissioner. However, no such license shall be restored for at least eighteen months after such revocation, nor thereafter except in the discretion of the commissioner, in any case where the person has had a prior revocation resulting from refusal to surrender his or her mobile telephone or portable electronic device for field testing within five years immediately preceding the date of such revocation.


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Can you say massive privacy violation??  If they want to know if someone was using their cell phone near the time of the incident then they can get a warrant for info from the phone company.  Browsing people’s “mobile devices” on the side of the road at the time of the incident is just wrong.  Assuming the device used to browse the phone isn’t hackable.  I’m sure as hell not going to bet on that, what an opportunity to record data and send it off somewhere……

The disconnect between food, and where it comes from, is real.

This one requires its own little rant.

Benner Farm has been around since 1977.  In order to help make ends meet they allow folks onto the property for strawberry picking and birthday parties and similar type events.

This year that practice has backfired on them, big time.

A city girl by the name of Kimberly Sherriton, who clearly doesn’t understand some fairly basic facts of life, met their 2yr old cow while on the property for a birthday party (the article calls it “involved”, I’m betting they’re quoting this idiot, cause I don’t know ANYONE who calls it “involved” when it comes to animals).  And has decided that the family who owns the farm should be required to send the cow to rescue and buy their meat at Whole Foods instead.

“He doesn’t need this cow to survive and feed his family. He puts a sob story on there. Please, tell him to go to Whole Foods and go get some anti-biotic free beef there,” she said.

Yes, you’re reading that right.  Apparently the meat sold in the stores doesn’t come from an actual animal or something.  As commenters elsewhere said, Ms Sherriton ought to be required to watch the entire process of what exactly her precious store bought, antibiotic free, Whole Foods sold, meat goes through to get from live animal to table.

Supposedly folks were going to protest outside the farm this past weekend in an attempt to force the family to not slaughter the cow.  I can’t find any actual coverage of the protest, all the articles are basically reprints of what I posted above.  So here’s hoping there wasn’t actually much of a show.

EDITED: Thanks to ThreeCollie (in the comments), here’s a link to the petition to help support the Benners Farm!


Another look at what makes up a Trump supporter (no, I don’t support Trump, at this point I don’t support ANY of them…..)

Next time you fly, grab this app before grabbing your seat.

Ever wonder how many of those crowds you see are for real?  I didn’t before I read this…..

There is a time to share your faith, and a time to NOT share your faith.

For Pinky and the Brain fans.  NSFW, but very funny.

Senate’s draft of an Encryption Bill.

USPS lowering prices on stamps.  And not voluntarily either.

Another reason to drink whole milk.

If you live in San Antonio and helped catch a live bat you need to see your doctor ASAP!

Also NSFW, but totally worth the laugh if you’ve ever wondered why someone would choose a “tiny house”.

Sugar Creek MO has made it illegal to grow food plants in your front yard.

WHO wants to make smoking the reason for an adult rating on movies, past and present.

The parrot who saw to much.

Child solves hit’n run crash.

Texas supreme court rules that just because you missed the 3-day hold at the shelter doesn’t mean you give up the ownership of your dog (or presumably cat).


New York about to pass bill adding machetes to the list of deadly weapons

Article here.   Text here.

It passed in the state Senate by 54 to 5.  It heads for the Assembly next.  Contact your Assembly person and let them know what you think!  This would criminalize a very useful tool that is already in a large number of homes in the state.  Meaning that your average Joe on the street could be arrested for possession as soon as this law goes into effect.

Snow two

Arty was wondering where his green grass and warm sun went


He was very upset at the cold and snow appearing out of nowhere.  He’s well on his way to being shed out for the summer, and isn’t the most cold tolerant dog to begin with.

Meanwhile Apollo was having a blast


And if you needed proof we got more than 6″ of the stuff by yesterday morning, there you go.  I guess this is why he was refusing to shed for so long.  His legs finally let go of their hold on the winter coat this past week, so hopefully this’ll be the end of it.

Yesterday afternoon they put out a winter weather warning for our county, another 3-6″ overnight-into Monday.  Yay.

As of 8am today, Monday, I’m thinking we got somewhere close to another 3″, but it’s still coming down, so we’ll see what the totals are.

I’ve been putting off getting new tires for my car, thinking the worst of the winter weather was over, and I guess this is what I get for thinking.  Drive into work today ought to be interesting, to put it mildly.

This isn’t exactly a truly “late” snow for the area, we’ve had snow on Mother’s Day on more than one occasion.  But after the early warm spring everyone’s pretty well horrified by it.

I guess this is what I get for putting away my winter boots a couple weeks ago.

Greenhouse is nice and toasty though.  Makes me wish it was big enough to climb into……


I’ve been watching this storm work its way across the country, and not been amused.  The talking heads couldn’t figure out how much we were going to get, but as of early Saturday (yesterday) they’d decided on “trace to 3inches” for my area and north, and “2-6” for areas south as the predicted snowfall for Saturday, and another “trace to 3” for me for Sunday, with possibly more on Monday.

As of midnight last night it still wasn’t snowing here, though apparently south was getting at least some.

Woke up this morning to SNOW.

IMGB1648 IMGB1649 IMGB1650


Thats more than “trace to 3 inches”, and is, infact, closer to 6 in most areas of the property.  And its still coming down.

Apollo’s delighted at least……


Rural firefighting.

Google’s April Fools wasn’t funny this year.

What really goes on behind the scenes in all those professional kitchens!

The newest canine flu is now feline transmissible.

Relying on GPS is killing our ability to navigate.

PETA gets upstaged.  (Possibly NSFW)

The indestructible airman.

SCOTUS 6th amendment win.

Mysterious bacteria killing people in Wisconsin.

Elderly woman trips, is strangled to death by her medical alert necklace.

One of those skills that is likely about to be lost forever.

AMA wants to ban drug and medical device advertising.  Now if they’d just ban the “you can sue!!!” ones too!

I want to put a tracker on him so that I can stay far away…..

Prairie dogs are not as cute and cuddly as you thought.

How to scare the living daylights out of three towns.

Rhode Island wants to make it illegal to have latch key kids.

A look at the data of police shootings.

A look at why Trump is so popular.  Spoiler, it doesn’t actually have to do with racial prejudice.

Ever finished a book and wished you could find out what else people read thats similar?  This link is for you.  Type in an author’s name, and look at what else people like to read who read the same author.