Just because



Recipe HERE.  And if you take care to actually follow the directions to the letter its basically fool proof.


  1. Ping from threecollie:

    I saved your recipe and I am definitely going to try these. They look so good!

    • Ping from Ruth:

      They are! And its an incredibly simple recipe for all that it takes a bit of prep. I’ve been making them alot lately as an excuse to run the oven. Just a note, if you’re using a big muffin pan like I am you’ll want to add an extra 5minutes to the end of the cooking time. They say that in the notes, but just in case….it really does make them a bit sturdier when you’re pulling them out of the pan!

  2. Ping from bogei:

    I follow recipes – as long as I have the ingredients, I don’t think of a substitute that sounds better to me, or I don’t have the urge to add something.

    Oh wait, I don’t ever follow a recipe – LOL