I’m dreaming of a white…..





Somewhere in the 3-5″ range, its that nasty wet “heart-attack” snow, but it sure looks pretty!


  1. Ping from Mrs. S.:

    We had one of those too. Happy shoveling!

  2. Ping from bogie:

    We got 13″ of heavy snow – the snow blower was not loving it and it kept clogging the chute. TI just got the driveway and path to the front door done and called it quits. Then I snow blowed to the propane tank, mulch pile and shed yesterday. It was much easier since the air had cooled down quite a bit, chasing some of the moisture out of the snow.

    • Ping from Ruth:

      Bleh. Yah, it was better Friday, though we just kept getting more and more….guess thats what I get for living in a Lake Effect zone! Apollo’s delighted though!