I picked the garlic today and hung it to dry in the garage.

Per online instructions I waited till the bottom few leaves had died back, but the rest of the plant was green.  I also left a few of the scapes on them as some instructions said that when the scapes stood up the garlic was ready.  The scapes stood up at about the same time as the bottom few leaves had died, so I picked them.

The heads are mostly very small, this could be the result of several things: grown in containers, planted to close together, very cold winter/spring…..

Several of the heads had already burst through the wrappers.  I hung them up to dry with the rest but I suspect those will rot.  Obviously I needed to pick them a bit sooner. 

I also found a large number of good sized white grubs in the soil as I dug up the garlic.  I don’t know if the grubs have anything to do with the size or condition of the garlic, but I’m now looking at a way to eliminate them in that container and presumably the others.