Anyone know what kind of bug this is?



It was buzzing some of the early flowers, tiny little thing.


  1. Ping from Zack:

    Kinda looks a bit like a hummingbird moth. If it can do all the maneuvers of a hummingbird (hover, fly backwards, etc.) that be it.

  2. Ping from Wendy:

    Hummingbird moths are not that small. I have seen these little guys, and can not for the life of me remember their name. If I think of it, I’ll come back here and post it.

  3. Ping from bogie:

    my guess was a hummingbird moth, also known as sphinx moth. There are a couple of species in the US.

  4. Ping from bogie:

    clearwing hawkmoth (Hemaris thysbe) or the Nessus sphinx moth (Amphion floridensis (this is most likely by the picture)