I guess this is why I keep having to refill the Hummingbird feeder


Yes, that is a male Downy Woodpecker and his baby.  Yes, they’re drinking from the Hummingbird feeder.  We’ve actually caught the  male doing it quite a bit but wasn’t able to get a good picture till this morning. 


  1. Ping from bluesun:

    We’ve got tanagers doing the same to ours.

  2. Ping from extexanwannabe:

    We’ve got a full grown WP drinking our nectar…we had to stop filling it as the little hummers were getting nothing.

  3. Ping from bogie:

    That is so weird – I never would have thunk it! I think my wood peckers are better behaved than that (at least while I am looking).

    • Ping from Ruth:

      I was quite surprised, we’d caught them just as they were flying away a BUNCH of times, and so weren’t sure if they were using it as a perch or what. Then a couple weeks ago the male just stayed and stayed while we watched, but it was pouring rain, so my pictures didn’t come out.