Garden update

The big tire

IMGP4621Yah, I need to pull the weeds around it again….

And some of the strawberry plants in it, these particular ones are Pine Berries though there are regular strawberries in there too


And the main garden containers


The pallats are to support the vines, if nessecary I’ll attach boards to support the pumpkins or fruit.  The orange buckets in the background are my fruit vines and the rest of the corn, pumpkins and sunflowers, with the buckets acting as part of my watering system (which, I might add, I’ve only had to use once, cause it WON”T STOP POURING DAMMIT, ehm)

My sole remaining habenero plant, these were nice big seedlings when I put them out, this leaf is all thats left


And the rest of that container, some onions, some carrots, and some of the pumpkins


And the next container, with more carrots, the sweet pepper plants, and the zucchini


And the 3rd container, with the Jalapeno plants, more carrots, and the cantalope plants

IMGP4628Yah, I know, a ton of carrots.  Wasn’t deliberate.  I ordered 6 different varieties of heirloom carrots, figured I’d plant a few of each to try, and then plant more next year (or for a 2nd harvest this year) of what we liked.  Each package warned to over plant and then thin due to having a low germination rate……I think every single seed sprouted…..

Container four has the Hungarian Hot Wax peppers, more carrots, and the watermelon (which you can’t see cause the plants are still tiny)

IMGP4629I hadn’t planned to plant watermelon, but one of the seed companies included a packet of seeds of them in with my order (free gift and all that), and for once the free gift was something that not only interested me but that also had a chance of growing in my climate.

And the last container with some of the popcorn


And while I was out taking these pictures I saw my first Catbird of the season!  I’ve been hearing them for a while, but couldn’t find them to see


NY Insurance law change — Attn Dog Owners

NY A3952 is designed to amend current state law on insurance.  The intention is to prohibit insurers from denying insurance, or charging higher rates, to dog owners based on the breed of the dog.  The act was written to allow insurers to deny or charger higher rates to the owners of dangerous dogs, but does not allow that designation for no other reason than the dog’s breed.

An additional write up from Stop BSL.

If you live in NY and own a dog please consider letting the State Senate know what you think of the law!

How to exercise your bird of prey

Ok, yes, this is a promo video.  And yes, I’m fairly certain that at least a few of the shots of the bike and rider (without the bird) were filmed seperately since in at least a couple he’s not wearing the backpack or the helmet cam.  But its still way cool to watch!



Trail camera pics

Been a while since I posted off the trail camera


 photo PICT00352_zps6306ece5.jpg

 photo PICT00373_zps0c0f76f0.jpg


 photo PICT0031_zps53568ae1.jpg


 photo PICT0001_zpsab826a81.jpg



I think this next doe is the same one as in the previous night shot, though I can’t swear to it.  She’s got a full teat but there’s no sign of baby in any of this.  Hope that means she’s got her baby stashed somewhere safe rather than that she lost it.


 photo PICT00032_zpse35bbb11.jpg


 photo PICT0009_zps4a7af5e6.jpg


 photo PICT00053_zpsa177328e.jpg

The Anatomy of a Dog Attack

When a dog attack is reported we will often hear the same old phrases bandied about.

“It came out of the blue”

“It was totally unprovoked”

“We didn’t see it coming”

“It was totally out of character”

Like many other dog lovers I hate those above phrases, and many other similer ones.  Weer’d manages to get me to twitch on fairly regular basis when he reports on a dog attack and refers to dogs “just going off” (I understand why he phrases it that way, but it still makes me twitch, I mostly manage to refrain from lecturing at him…..).

The National Canine Research Council studies deaths caused by dogs.  Their intense scrutiny of each death caused by a dog has resulted in some interesting statistics.

In 2011 (the last year full data is availible for), 21 of the 31 canine caused deaths were caused by “resident dogs”, these are dogs who do NOT live in the household, they are isolated from positive human interaction and training and are often chained in the yard with little contact with the family.  These are the junkyard dogs, the dogs kept in basements, or chained to the front porch to be “guards”.  These aren’t dogs who’re family pets, loved and cared for.

In only 8 of those 31 cases was there evidence to confirm the breed of the dog.  No one breed is responsible for a signifigant number of deaths in the USA.  Unless you consider “the media called it a pitbull but no one can produce DNA or pedigree to prove it” a breed.

In the cases of “family dogs”, dogs who lived in the household, they are often new to the household, or had a medical problem.  Infants are often left unattended with a dog, and an infant so completely resembles a prey animal that even a good tempered dog will have trouble.  In a fatal dog attack that happened just recently the child was riding the dog as if he was a horse!  In that case the dog didn’t even really attack the child.  He bit the child once, in a manner considered by dog behaviorists to be a last ditch warning that an attack is immenent.  Unfortunetly the bite was to the child’s head, and the child’s parents didn’t seek medical attention promptly.  And before you wonder at the parents who’d allow their child to treat a dog so, its unfortunetly very common, to the point where videos on youtube show it on a regular basis.

Just recently K9 Magazine put out an article on The Anatomy of a Dog Attack.  If you have ANY interactions with a dog I highly recommend reading it.  They run through an example senerio that is entirely to possible if any person’s daily life.  Their example dog is a highly loved pet, who saw a set of interactions in a completely different manner than the humans involved.  Its fictional (I think), but a very good example of how oblivous humans can accidently trigger an attack.

1. Max spots a man walking toward his and his owner’s garden – ‘his territory’

2. Not unduly worried, Max paid little attention to the stranger until John shouted in Henry’s direction. To Max, this was a clear signal to ‘watch for danger’

3. Obediently, Max sat at the front gate and watched for that danger.

4. He attempted to signal to Henry by putting his tail in the air and growling, that he was prepared to defend his owner and territory.

5. As Henry gets closer, Max again postures but now spots Henry’s aggressive body language, his wide eyes refusing to overt their gaze a clear signal of intent. Henry’s point blank refusal to alter his path, a sure fire gesture of defiance.

6. As John runs inside, Max’s thoughts turn to escape. He now believes John is as scared as he is and they should both seek shelter from the safety of the house.

7. Too late. As Henry enters the garden (Max and John’s territory) Max does what he thinks his owner needs him to do. He defends against the threat.

8. As Henry runs away and John panics, Max takes this as a sign that he should increase his attack, his canine instincts now in complete overdrive.

So let us again question whether John was correct when he explained to Police that Max’s attack was unprovoked.

Was it unprovoked? Not at all.

Was it unjustified in human, social terms? Absolutely.

Was it avoidable? Totally.


Dogs do not bite people without reason. They do not attack out of the blue. They do not launch into savage, frenzied assaults without provocation despite what you will undoubtedly read in news reports when the next dog attack hits the press.

There are NO devil dogs. There are NO unprovoked dog attacks. There IS a huge gap in understanding amongst some dog owners about why dogs attack and until we can bridge that gap in education people will continue to be attacked and more and more dogs will join Max, their memories destroyed along with their bodies.

As someone who owns a dog of a highly protective breed I have learned what the signals are that my dog is seeing a need to protect.  I don’t yell out greetings, I don’t ignore my dog when someone new approaches.  I wish more people did the same.

Please take the time to read the attacked links, and watch the video in the one.  They contain information that everyone who interacts with dogs ought to know.

Clyde NY man arrested for protecting home from vandals

Found over at Marooned.

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

Article 4

So this guy is helping renovate his FIL’s house, which is directly next door to his.  Late at night he hears noises consistent with vandals.  Has his wife call 911 and goes over to confront them.  Finds 4 children, who he recognized, ages 8-10 with hammers and spray paint (estimates are $50k in damages), grabs the hammers and orders the kids into a closet till the police get there.  Honestly at this point I don’t really care if he DID threaten the kids with a hammer (though he says he didn’t) or if he grabbed one or more and forced them into the closet.  8yrs old or not.  These kids just did a HUGE amount of aggressive damage to the house, if all 4 had turned on him with the hammers they had in their hands he’d have been hard-pressed to defend himself empty handed

And then the parents have a complete COW because he “threatened” their children, and forced them into the closet instead of just walking them home…….

The GOOD news in the story is that apparently all charges against Mr Daniels are expected to be dropped AND that the DA is expecting to charge the PARENTS with endangerment and possibly other charges…..

Photo dump

Great Crested Flycatcher



IMGP4554 IMGP4548House Wren

IMGP4498 IMGP4504Osprey with Fish

IMGP4485a IMGP4486a IMGP4487a IMGP4488a IMGP4489aGreat Blue Heron

IMGP4466a IMGP4468a IMGP4470a

Mopey puppy after he snatched (yet another) sparrow out of mid-air and we wouldn’t let him bring his new friend into the house


Apollo and Arty enjoying one of our (rare) sunny days

IMGP4452 IMGP4439

The moon a couple days ago


The Squirrel that Apollo decided was EVIL!!!!!  Damn thing just sat there and stared at the giant slavering dog going ballistic behind the glass less than 10ft away….


And a butterfly that caught my eye


Tibetan Mastiffs in rescue

The national Tibetan Mastiff rescue has ended up in a bit of a bind.  They already have 11 adult Tibetan Mastiffs (here-after refered to as TMs) in rescue in need of homes.  And just this week they were handed custody of 10 adult TMs (Chinese bred) and 8 twelve week old pups, with the information that there were more dogs coming.  This info is not yet on their webpage, but pictures and what data they’re giving out publicly on the dogs is on their Facebook page.  They’ve got homes for the original 8 pups (pups after all are easy to find homes for), but report that there are another 18 coming.  According to what information they’re giving these dogs were basically in a puppy mill.  A Chinese national imported them to Southern Cali to breed so he could sell the pups.  The person in question is no longer able to care for the dogs, so a family member is trying to get rid of them.  Despite that the rescue is reporting that many of the adult dogs have very sweet temperments.

I know I have talked alot about Apollo, but not much about his breed.  They certinally aren’t a dog for everyone, not even every dog owner.  They’re nothing like the Labs and Goldens and other the herding or retrieving breeds and crosses that most folks are used to.  They’re highly stubborn and independant.  They think for themselves and problem solve.  Many of them open doors (with ROUND door knobs), I know of one who knows numbers 1 through 5, and another who can work a TV remote without any instruction.  They’re a guardian breed, their goal in life is to guard their master and their masters family and property, and they cannot be swayed from that.

If you think you might be interested in one please read more here.  I’m also more than willing to answer any questions I can.