The Hummingbirds are back!

IMGP4081 IMGP4084 IMGP4095

And a Hairy Woodpecker visited the suet:

IMGP4091and yes I’m sure its a Hairy, cause here’s a Downy on the same feeder:



And there were several White Crowned Sparrows around the feeders:



  1. Ping from bogie:

    They are really late this year – I haven’t seen any yet and usually they are here toward the end of April.

    • Ping from Ruth:

      I’ve been watching eBird, and folks have been reporting them downstate from me for a couple weeks, but this is the first one I’ve seen this year.

  2. Ping from bluesun:

    I keep getting buzzed by them but forget to put the feeder out when I go inside…

  3. Ping from bogie:

    Finally got the first visit the 13th.

  4. Ping from Ruth: