Rose-breasted Grosbeak



I’d never seen one before!  They supposedly nest in this area, and there’s been a male (no way to tell if its the same one though I think so) back to the feeders several times yesterday and this morning, so I’m hoping that means that he’s looking to nest here.  I’ve not spotted a female yet, but from the pictures online she’d look like a large sparrow so I might have just missed her…..

And a gratuitous BlueJay, just because:



  1. Ping from threecollie:

    Lovely! Some years we have them, some years not. They are so beautiful.

  2. Ping from bogie:

    We usually have them here. The female looks nothing like the male, which makes it easy to overlook her until you know they are in the area.

    • Ping from Ruth:

      Yah, I saw that when I looked them up, so I’ve been watching all the sparrow types closely, still haven’t seen her, but he’s definetly hanging around…