Photo dump

Cause its been a while

IMGP3816 IMGP3928 IMGP3930 IMGP3932 IMGP3571 IMGP3572 IMGP3573 IMGP3574 IMGP3604 IMGP3809 IMGP3601 IMGP3597 IMGP3598 IMGP3600 008 IMGP3712 IMGP3714 IMGP3730 IMGP3808 IMGP3826 IMGP3843 IMGP3848 IMGP3849 IMGP3865 IMGP3877 IMGP3882 IMGP3893

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  1. Ping from bogie:

    Great pictures of the moon and birds in flight! Always love to see pics of Apollo and Artie too.