Well well

Lookit what just trotted across the back of the property


IMGP3671 IMGP3672 IMGP3673 IMGP3674 IMGP3675


  1. Ping from Zack:

    Easy rifle or shotgun range

  2. Ping from bogie:

    That looks more wolfish than coyote to me. However, Eastern Coyotes are a lot bigger than their southern and western cousins, so maybe their snouts and face have also become broader.

    • Ping from Ruth:

      I figure either this guy has more wolf in him than normal, or he’s got some dog in him, he’s big, like, almost Apollo’s size big. I did send the pictures to a lady who runs a wolf sanctuary not to far from here, and she says it looks like a coyote to her, BIG coyote, but coyote. I’m going to try, today or tomorrow, to get a picture of Apollo standing about there, with me standing where I was getting these pics, for perspective.

  3. Ping from Scary Yankee Chick | For comparison:

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