Rifle bleg

Well, I wasn’t going to do this for a while, after I’d done more research on my own, but with the passing of new laws……we’re not in a position to pick up and move unfortunetly.  Hopefully before to many years have gone by that’ll change.  Anyway….

Where we live its legal to hunt deer with a rifle (during the appropriate season of course).  If I’m reading it right NY requires a centerfire rifle for deer hunting.  Neither hubby or I have handled a rifle before.  He always did all his hunting with a shotgun, same for his dad.  As such we don’t really have anything to go off of for experience. 

Hubby’s got lots of shotgun experience, I’ve got some shotgun, some air rifle (I’m kicking myself right now for not having completed my pistol permit already, life got in the way dammit…..).  Suggestions of things we should look for, brands or models, or anything else?  Budget’s a bit tight for extras right at the moment till I’m working again, so as usual money’s an issue….


To take my mind off my rapidly climbing Statcounter number (along with an incredibly amusing list of .gov agencies, not all of which belong to the USA), I present the following video.

There’s not much to see, sorry, we had a power outage earlier tonight.  It lasted all of 5 minutes.  But Apollo took offense.  He is now bouncing off the windows in full voice every time he hears something he doesn’t like.

This is what I’m listening to, several times an hour (turn up the bass on your sound system, and if you’re playing this on your phone without headphones or speakers you’re missing out):


NY’s Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act

Update 5:30pm: NYS Assembly Passes Gun Control Bill (holy shit, I’m front page on Google for searches for the text of the act, I’m getting hits from DOD, DHS, FAA, State and County level government offices…..)


Text of the act.

Someone remind me why I live in NY?

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the mountains in VT or NH is looking better and better….


Edit:  its 11am same day.  I just doubled my  average daily hits just from people hitting this post.  Almost all of them coming in from a search engine looking for information on this act.  Am I the only person out there linking to the actual text of this today?


Is anyone else getting weird gun and freedom email spam?

Last few weeks I’ve been getting WEIRD “gun positive” and “freedom positive” spam from some odd sources.  I can’t figure out if someone I bought stuff from sold my email or what.  Its coming into my gmail account, not the ScaryYankeeChick account, so if its blog related they’ve dug it up from the old blog or by browsing comments on a Blogger based blog…..

For example the most recent one has the subject line: Sandy Hook Shooting Didn’t Happen [PROOF]

I refuse to post the whole email, its seriously weird and beyond out of line, talks about how children who died in the shooting are seen later on TV alive and the like….

I deleted the first few, but its starting to get annoying, the only good thing is that Google IS catching them as spam (which amuses me to no end since the most recent one contains a line about not including any links so as to avoid spam blockers).

Gardening bleg: rhubarb, corn, sweet peppers….

Ok! I don’t remember who it was who posted the list of heirloom seed companies who send out free catalogs, but I’m not sure I should be thanking you.  On the other hand I’m having fun browsing seeds.


Rhubarb: I tried to do rhubarb before, planted it in a bad spot, it didn’t do well, then hubby mowed it.  Ooops.  So I’m regrouping.  Anyone have any suggestions as to types of rhubarb?  Theres bunches and I feel like I’m picking one at random….


Corn: I’m not sure I really want to do corn, I anticipate having to fight the wildlife for every ear.  But at the same time I want to try my hand at growing popping corn.  Anyone have any experience with growing popping corn who can offer suggestions, advice…..


Sweet peppers: I want to try the Sweet Chocolate variety, anyone tried these?

Bleg: shooting starlings and seed starting

Starlings: Alright, the general concensus is that the best way to get rid of starlings is to shoot them.  I have no objection to doing so, however I don’t have a good place to put the feeder that will allow me a shot without a house or street behind it.  Admittedly both houses and road are 50 to 100 feet (or more depending on which way and angle) from where I’d be shooting, but still.  Best compromise I can come up with is to move the feeder to a place that’ll put the shot away from the houses, and it would have to go through a couple bushes and trees to get to the road.  The pellet gun we have would go through all that and still go through a car window if I timed the shot badly.  What is the lowest speed/size/etc air rifle (BB or pellet) that will do enough damage to the starlings to make it worthwhile?  (Ok, I’ll admit I could move the feeder to the back of the house and shoot off into no-mans land, but then I can’t SEE the feeder from in the house.  We tried that last year, took all the fun out of it, there’s no good way to watch the feeders in the back from inside the house (yes, thats a failing of the house, one we’d like to eventually fix…..))

Seed starting:  Last year I had surprisingly good luck with my attempt at seed starting.  I didn’t get much off the plants, but I think that was a weather issue and my inexperience more than anything else.  So, this year I’d like to do a bit more.  I’m looking at setting up a proper seed starting tray, with lights, so I can start more seeds and hopefully have them a bit more mature when its time to put them out.  Question: do I NEED a heating mat?  What about anything else equipment wise?  What do you consider essential to seed starting?


The things you notice when you’re home unexpectedly lol.

Anyone have any ideas on how to keep the starlings off the suet without discouraging the woodpeckers?  I know they sell cages to keep out the big birds, but I don’t want to discourage the red-bellied woodpeckers who enjoy it as well, and I don’t want to turn it soley upside down feeders only as all sorts of other birds feed on it too.  I tried leaving it empty for several days, and they were slow to come back, but here they are……and unfortunetly there really isn’t a good angle to take a pellet gun to them…..

Its the simple pleasures

With my Christmas gift certificates I ordered several pairs of  heavy sweatpants.  Elastic around the cuff, cause they’re always to long for me and this way they don’t drag.  Soft and fuzzy inside, and not worn out.  They arrived today, and I’m curled up on the couch with my new warm fuzzy sweatpants, a fuzzy sweater, and a pair of puppies.  I think its time for a nap……