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Sitemeter problems, part 2

Posted August 2, 2012 By Ruth

Well, they fixed the code on their end, so its not screwing up my page any more…..instead they’ve screwed up my stats.

Before the problems last week I was approaching 4k visits.  Don’t recall the exact number but I remember thinking I was less than a week to 4k.

After it came back it was showing 3300+ visits.  Odd, but I couldn’t swear for sure what the exact number had been before…..

Now its showing LESS than 3k visits AND its showing all the IP address as the same thing regardless of the visitor…..


I don’t want to switch to Google’s Analytics.  Are there any OTHER options?  Yes the server keeps track TOO, but its not as easy to work with….

My car is stuck in park

Posted August 1, 2012 By Ruth

That is all.