Basic Math, part 2 or, Sitemeter fail part….

So, yesterday I finally got an email from Sitemeter’s support folks.  Basically an “oops, we screwed up changing servers, but its all set now!!”. 

One paragraph read:

***Missing Data due to server outages***
Unfortunately, this is something that happens. 
If you experienced missing data, it should have been very,
very minimal and should have only been within a 2-3 hour time frame.
That issue has since been fixed and should be appearing properly.

Ummmm, no.  Lets try this basic math thing again.  Screen shots taken from my Sitemeter account as of a few minutes ago:

So, the numbers from the yellow column of the 2nd picture SHOULD all add up to equal the total visits in the first picture.  Right?

538+978+789+758+382+417=3862 NOT 3324 and that’s without the missing visit counts from at least one day in this whole mess which never did re-appear on the count page….

Try again Sitemeter folks.

Basic Math

I will say this, if Sitemeter hasn’t fixed this by the end of the day Friday I’ll be ditching them.

In the mean time, lets do a basic math lesson.

Early in the day (8:30am or so) on Aug 2nd my total visits according to Sitemeter was 2993.  You’ll have to take my word for that as I wasn’t smart enough to take a screen shot (You’ll also have to take my word for the fact that it ought to have been closer to 3993 as I didn’t take a screen shot of that either).

According to Sitemeter, here are my visits for Aug 2nd and since.  (this does not include MY personal visits):

So, some math: 2993 + 120 (SOME of the visits from Aug 2nd had already hit by that time, no idea how many but I’ll guess) + 117+65+37+41=3373 visits.  Right?

Here’s a screenshot from my Sitememter account as of about a minute before I started typing this:

Strange how it doesn’t add up huh?  Yes, I’m pissed, how could you tell?

Sitemeter, I think you’re in trouble….

A screenshot from my new Statcounter stats:

People searching for help on why their Sitemeter account is screwy, and has been for days, have hit my sitemeter posts 3 (almost 4!) times the number of people coming into the main page.  Based on the comments I’ve been getting I’m not the only one who’s help tickets are being ignored either.  Now I can believe they’re so over whelmed with tickets that its just taking time….except we’re talking basic coding issues here, basic MATH issues here, that tell me there’s a deeper problem than just data lost during a server move.

Wasps in the well pump.

We’re on city water, but when they switched the house over the owner at the time attached a manual water pump to the well.  Its decorative, but it DOES work, and we try to keep in in repair as a backup water source. 

We’ve been a bit neglectfull this year, and didn’t use it till a couple weeks ago.  And sure enough the wasps have made a nest inside the thing (yes its wasps, not the hornets with the giant nest, thankfully).  We’ve tried drowning the nest, repeatedly, but they just keep coming back.  Needless to say this is not a spot where wasp spray is a good idea.

Any ideas as to how to get rid of the nest or are we stuck till it gets cold?

Sitemeter problems, part 3

Part 1, part 2


Well, in the week since this started, they’ve fixed the issues with the logo screwing up the page, and as of about 7pm EST yesterday they appear to have fixed it so that all new IP’s are listed correctly.  My visits count is still screwy though.  I should be over 4k at this point, not barely over 3k…..not to mention that its not adding visits to the total correctly.  The counter went from 2993 visits early in the day Aug 2 to 3111 visits as of right now.  According to Sitemeter’s own counts on Aug 2 I had 148 visits, and on Aug 3rd I had 117, and so far this morning I’ve had 20….if the Sitemeter folks need someone to come in and explain basic math I’d be delighted to do so……

I CAN just look at the stats as provided by the server, and I do generally keep an eye on them, but I found Sitemeter convient and was actually considering paying for an account since my daily hits have reached a high enough average number to make being only able to see the last 100 annoying.  Not so much any more.  I’ve installed StatCounter, we’ll see how that goes….