Facebook Poll: Cleaning out my friends list…..not a scam, just stupidity

I’ve actually gotten a couple search engine hits on this, so here it goes. 

The poll in question:

People want to know if its a scam or not.

Technically its not a scam.  But here’s the thing:  the way Facebook set up its polls, when you respond to someone else’s poll, its AUTOMATICALLY posted to YOUR Facebook page, and everyone who see’s your posts (friends, subscribers, whatnot) are prompted to respond to it as if it was YOUR poll.

So someone, somewhere, MONTHS ago, set up this poll, when they were cleaning out their friends list.  And their friends responded.  And then all their friends’ friends responded to the original friends….you see what happened?  I’ve actually seen this particular poll 5 or 6 times as various friends responded to it on someone else’s wall…

Unfortunetly it doesn’t appear that there’s a way to turn off that auto-spread function.

So how do you stop it from spreading?  Well, first off don’t respond to polls posted by your friends.  If for some reason you feel you have to (ie: you think the friend really set up the poll themselves and wants your answers), after you respond go to YOUR wall, and delete the poll off of it.

Yes Facebook sucks.

Yah know

You only make yourself look stupid, when you completely freak out over one of the pieces of my dogs’ diet, and then turn around and insist that I have to feed THIS food, cause its GREAT, and that same item is in the top five ingredients.

You look even stupider when you try to deny thats what you said, even though the post in question is to old to be edited so your words are there to be seen by everyone.


I need a new job…dammit.   Preferably before I totally loose my temper at my current boss……

Anyone know of a reasonably decently paying job that doesn’t require me to be on my feet for 8hrs a day (not sure the knees will take that any more), and ideally doesn’t require me to dress up in a suit?? 

The year of the wasp

Ok, I have no idea what the actual animal is that this is the year of.  But it OUGHT to be the wasp.  Holy fricking cow. 

I went through 4 cans of wasp spray today.  On top of another 4 already used this spring/early summer.

I thought the nest pictured here was pretty reasonably sized…

Not so much any more.

3 nests larger than one of my husband’s fists, and full of eggs.

4 more nests that were GOING to be that large if they were allowed to complete them, also full of eggs.

And god knows how many more normally sized nests, plus several cracks and crevices where the wasps were congregating…..and I’m not sure I got them all.

We didn’t have wasp problems like this LAST year!  A few nests, but nothing like this! 

And one of those HUGE nests can’t have been there very long.  It was on the bottom of the trailer for the lawn tractor, its barely been a month since we last used it!

That moment

When I got home from work today the heat powered fans had been knocked off the top of the woodburning stove.  Didn’t think much of it, picked them up, made a mental note to figure out which animal was responsible and finished putting away the groceries.

A while later I hear what sounded like a bird flapping its wings against the window.  Except there was no bird.

A while later I noticed that Trouble seemed awefully facinated with the top of the stove.  I figured I’d found the culprit, chased her off, and went on with my evening.

A while later I heard that sound again.

Except this time it sounded like it was coming from the stove.

A moment of brilliance, I opened the stove door to see wtf?

A moment of flight as the House Sparrow shot for the door.

A moment of ‘holy crap’ as Trouble made a flying leap and caught it on her first jump.

A moment of ‘uhoh’ as Apollo convinced Trouble to give him the bird, and let it go.

Another moment of ‘holy crap’ as Apollo duplicated Trouble’s jump.

 Apollo was a good boy and took it to his crate to eat, as I racked my brain trying to remember if sparrows carried anything that might be dangerous to him.  Except he was baffled by the feathers, so I was able to convince him to trade for a treat.


Odd week…

Not bad really, just odd…

Monday husband and I agreed to spend way to much money on a home improvement project.  Its not NEEDED, and as such I’m cringing a bit at what its doing to our savings and our budget, but it was one of those opportunities that doesn’t come along very often….more details when things are a bit further along and I’m less likely to jinx it….

Tuesday, Husband called me after he got to work to warn me that his car had been acting weird as he pulled into the lot, and so be prepared for bad things…..sure enough the car only kinda started and barely ran when he got out of work.  Since he works 2nd shift it was 1am before the AAA driver showed up.  Good thing I didn’t have to work Wednesday.

Wednesday was 4th of July, it went well, and both dogs enjoyed getting to meet new people at my inlaws for fireworks.

Thursday we got the quote on Husband’s car, $700+, new alternator, new battery, and a couple odds and ends associated with them.  Sigh.  Of course they couldn’t get it fixed in time for him to drive it to work that day….

On the other hand I got to watch Apollo scare some poor random guy that afternoon….he was working through the neighborhood looking for anyone who wanted their driveway sealed.  He pulled up, opened the door and started to swing out of the truck…..and Apollo hit the front door on his hind legs, in full voice.  I was very amused to see him stop, swing his feet back into the truck, shut the door, and roll the window down about halfway waiting for me to step out onto the porch to talk to him instead of coming to the door.  Donno if he really was looking for work, or if he was scouting, but I don’t think it matters in this case.

Friday and Saturday were quiet.  We got the left over firewood restacked so its ready come fall to use first and yet not in the way of the delivery of new wood. 

The regular blueberry bushes are producing berries, not tons, and something’s eating most of them before I can pick them, but they’re producing.  Next year I’ll invest in some bird netting.  Nothing else is producing berries yet, but everything looks healthy and growing, so I’ll take it.  I didn’t expect a big berry crop this year anyway.  Jalapenos are growing peppers, several of them of nice size already.  The sweet pepper plants are FINALLY thriving, though I don’t know how many peppers I’m going to get off them now, it’ll depend on the fall weather I guess.  The herbs are all flourishing well.  The honeydew is taking off and getting ready to send its vines over the edge of the container, and the pumpkin is right behind.  Both are showing buds, so hopefully our weird weather hasn’t screwed them up too badly.  I did finally give up on the broccoli, when I checked them yesterday I discovered that something had eaten the tops off the heads.  Sigh.


We can see the fireworks from the NY State Fairgrounds from my in-laws front yard, so last night we took both dogs over about 8:30pm along with a couple folding chairs and everyone had fun catching up with family while we waited for the fireworks to start.  They were late as usual.

Everyone was surprised when we showed up with the dogs.  They were skeptical when we insisted they both were fine with fireworks.

An aunt who’d never met Apollo before last night sucked in a deep breath of horror when our niece lit off a sparkler, and my husband lit off a smoke bomb, about 10 ft behind Apollo.

He turned around, looked the whole thing over, and went back to trying to convince an uncle’s Pomeranian to play with him (little puff ball barreled out of the house barking and growling and having the biggest snit at Apollo, who said COOL, PLAY!!!).

Arty didn’t blink either, he’s already figured out that if Apollo isn’t worked up over it then its probly not worth getting worked up over.

Fun was had by all, both watching fireworks and catching up with family.  Hope you all did the same.

(I thought about doing a patriotic post for the day, but everyone else says it better than me, so go read them if thats what you want.)