Know an animal lover in Memphis TN?

Or even better, know a lawyer in that area who’s familier with FOIA law and animal rights law and willing to work for cheap?  I think they’d take a sports person or music star who was willing to stick their nose in and add some publicity too…..

Last year I posted several posts on the story of Kapone, a pitt-bull who was picked up by an MAS employee, and disappeared.  6 months later he was discovered in a backyard in the next state where he was being used for stud.

Kapone wasn’t the first animal that MAS “lost”, just one of the first to gain serious media attention.  Outside reports and audits indicate that a rather significant percentage of animals just disappear after being picked up by MAS employees, and it appears that at least some of them are being sold for dog-fighting purposes (breeding, baiting, etc).

Well, MAS is at it again, or more correctly, still.

Nola (a lab/bulldog cross) and her buddy Uno (a husky) dug under their fence on May 3rd, and were picked up by animal control and taken to MAS the same day.  Their owner, a Ms Henry, checked with MAS on May 4th.  And was told her dogs were not there.  A week later a neighbor called her and told her that he was pretty sure her dogs had been picked up by animal control the day they got out, so back she went to MAS.  THIS time employees admitted they had Uno, however although she was microchipped and reported lost to the chip company, Ms Henry never received a call.  After speaking with the officer who picked up both dogs they were able to find the records for Nola, dated APRIL 3rd, and listing her as a pittbull cross.  There was no information as to where Nola went or what happened to her.

Ms Henry is in the process of filling out an FOIA request for all security footage and information related to Nola’s intake, however considering Yes Biscuit’s attempts to do the same we’re not very hopeful that the information will be obtained.

Here is a picture of Nola:

Nola: photo provided to Yes Biscuit by Victoria Henry

If you have seen this dog, or know information on her where-abouts please inform the police, please ALSO consider informing Yes Biscuit so she can make sure that your information is followed up on.



MAS: Memphis Animal Services (though occasionally it appears to refer to Shelter instead of Services)

FOIA: Freedom Of Information Act


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