You might want to get back to work…..

Edited: add on another 7 hits since I posted this morning.  All 1 second in length, all to the same post.  WTF?


Donno who this person is:

But they really really like that one post, they’ve hit it 18 times in the last two days, almost all overnight too.  (They might have hit it even more for all I know, but the Gerber baby food post resulted in a buttload of search engine hits last night so I can’t see as far back as usual.)


  1. Ping from Kurt P:


  2. Ping from Ruth:

    that too lol

  3. Ping from Ruth:

    and another 6 hits since I checked it when I got home from work. Its seriously weird….

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    […] and figure out which computer it is that’s constantly pinging my blog and shut it down.  Since I started counting, a total of 3 days worth of stats, you’ve hit that ONE post on my blog 53 times.  I […]