Yesterday afternoon I took the dogs out to the run and opened up the attached shed for shade for them and a place to sit out of the sun for me.  I then stepped back out of the shed (to go get my ipad to read on).  The step down is taller than standard, and I was taking it on the move.  My left food hit the ground and rolled so I hit the ground on the outside of my foot with all my (not inconsiderable) weight. 

I had to stand still for a couple minutes before enough of the pain subsided that I could stand it.  And subsided it did, I could walk on it quickly enough, and it never really did swell up, but this morning the outside of my foot, my ankle, calf and knee all hurt.  And still hurt.  Its more stiff hurt than “tore something” hurt.  But its definetly put a hitch in my walk….