A pair of Mallard Ducks just landed in the tiny little holding pond off the rear southern corner of our property.  When I say its tiny I mean its about 3ft across and 6 long and about 6 inches deep, but it stays wet pretty much all summer, and clearly these ducks knew it.  Very cool!


  1. Ping from joated:

    When I lived in NJ, a neighbor once had a pair of mallards nest beneath her climatis. The closest water was a ditch a 1/4 mile away. Mrs. Mallard hatched out 8 fluffy little ducklings which I boxed up and carried to the ditch with Mr. and Mrs. waddling (and quacking) behind.

  2. Ping from Ruth:

    Donno that they’ll nest there, they were very unhappy with us moving around in the yard and took back off with short notice. But we’ll see!

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    You now officially are in control of a wetlands…and all the political PC B.S. that entails!