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David Hunt, stationed (possibly formerly) in Fort Benning GA, we found Maggie

Saw this on my local news last night.  Maggie is a Golden Retriever found wandering in the Oswego NY area last week.  She had no collar, but her microchip IDed her as Maggie, owned by one David Hunt, stationed in Fort Benning GA.  Attempts to contact Mr Hunt have been without any luck.  The article doesn’t give any details, but it makes me wonder if Maggie was fostered while her owner was overseas and has escaped.  I know some of you who read this are former military, and maybe have some connections to people or places who might be able to help track down Maggie’s owner.  Lets see if we can help reunite a service person with their dog, shall we?



Update:  Mr Hunt’s wife has contacted the Granby ACO, Maggie was his service dog, unfortunetly he died a couple months ago.


American Flag with the President’s face instead of stars.  With any luck her lawyer will demand to know what she thought she was doing instead of helping her try to get around the law.

The UK wants to put CCTV cameras at the gas stations, that will automatically shut off the gas if you attempt to fill up while uninsured

Germany wants to tax news aggregators.  Bets on how long before major sites start blocking German IP addresses…..

Child’s fingers found in dumpster.

Italian village tells residents their not allowed to die.

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Remember that article about the police being to busy with OWS protestors to respond to 911 calls?  Apparently the chief of police was so upset by it he tried to intimidate the reporter into changing the story.

Marine trying to adopt retired Military Dog.

The invisible car, watch the video, its quite interesting!

Merck says it can reduce your allergies to specific allergens.

Vets were used to test drugs.

Student expelled for using pepper spray to defend herself.  The students who attacked her only suspended.

I called animal control on my neighbors

These folks moved in across the street over the summer.  Nice enough family, 4 kids (2 of each), and a dog.  Then shortly after they got a puppy.  Not exactly breaking news I know, especially here, except their method of letting the dos out for potty and exercise was to open the door, let out the dogs, and close the door.  No fence, no tie out, no supervision.  Now maybe at their last place the dog really did stay in their yard.  I doubt it personally, but, benefit of the doubt and all that.  

A couple months after they moved in Apollo started having his “OMG there’s a DOG in MY yard!!!” snits later at night ( previously he’d occasionally have a fit over a dog that was walked by but that was it), normally he loves other dogs, but not if they’re uninvited in his yard.  Took me a while to actually catch a look at the dog in question, and sure enough, the older dog from across the street.  Sigh, no sign of the puppy, but when I get across the street she’s sitting on the porch.  So I ask them to please keep their dogs out of my yard cause Apollo goes ballistic.  They say they will.

Yup, no such luck.  We keep seeing both dogs in the yard.  And I’m starting to get annoyed at picking up strange dog poo, cause I don’t really know these dogs and all sorts of diseases are passed along that way, but I’m trying to be patient to give them time to retrain.  But finally, end of January, I chase the dogs back across the street and say something to them again.

This past Monday I finally got frustrated and called animal comtrol and she said she’d be out there that day.  Didn’t actually see her, but MOST times I’ve seen the dogs since out someone’s been out with them.  Not that having someone out stops them from heading across the street if said person isn’t watching……And tonight their older dog was in my yard again, much to Apollo’s frustration….never mind the rest of the issues I have with their practice (and there are lots) our street has no street lights, and no posted speed limit, which means that even at night people SPEED down past my house to stand on their brakes so they can make the 90degree turn.  Neither dog is white or even really light colored.  I’m not going to be happy when someone knocks on my door to tell me that a dog ran out of my yard into the street and they hit it….

Catching up two…

Oh, and we have reliable internet again, as do my inlaws.  Our routers failed in almost unison…..

And  I have a small batch of links I need to post…..

And I called animal control on the folks across the street…..

And…..I’m sure theres something else that happened this week too…..