More Apollo and Arty pictures

That is my end table, please don’t ask me how he fits there, I have no idea…..

This was yesterday (and a couple days ago that I forgot to post), I expect something similer today as we’re going to be doing yard work since its supposed to be LOVELY (in mid march wtf??)


  1. Ping from Zack:

    “That is my end table…”

    … I don’t believe for one second that is YOUR end table 😉

  2. Ping from Ruth:

    Point, pretty sure he’s claimed it…..

  3. Ping from Kurt P:

    How did your fence mods come out?

  4. Ping from Ruth:

    Haven’t yet, but I found the angle pieces that they use for barbed wire and I’m wondering if they’ll work. Now that the weather is nice thats one of my next projects…..