My head is killing me…

Allergies or early sinus infection I’m not sure, though likely the allergies caused the sinus infection if thats what it is.  I was taking Clariton for them, but it wasn’t cutting it any more.  At my doctors suggestion I’m trying Zyrtec now.  We tried to go right to a higher powered prescrition med and my insurance had a cow, so we’re going to have to work my way up to it.  I will say that since I don’t normally have sinus infections in the spring (fall yes, spring no) if thats what this turns out to be we’ll be giving up on the Zyrtec…..


I have to admit that I bought $5 in tickets yesterday.  I’ll occasionally drop the random $1 if the line at the counter isn’t to long, but for the amount currently at stake I’ll up the ante a bit.  I don’t expect to actually win the big prize, the odds are astronomical, and the odds of being the ONLY set of winning numbers (especially with this many people playing) are even worse.  However the odds for the 2nd and 3rd place prizes are alot more reasonable, and you know what?  Those far lower dollar amounts would pay off all my bills quite nicely and maybe even leave some left over to play around with.


8yr old catches burglar.

Zombies!!! And its spreading.

Google ordered to suspend auto-complete.

5 creepy parenting fads.

Man comes up with new, innovative, way to get out of a parking ticket.

Weight loss surgery reverses diabetes.

Guys, just because your reading comprehension sucks doesn’t mean you get to be racist.

Chocolate helps people stay thin.

How to ruin your kid.

Popcorn rocks.

The apple season might suck this year.

Oh yah, this is going to end well.

Ghost Ship.

Smuggling art INTO the museum?


Further, I’d rather have today’s teens reading about the dangers of oppressive governments and needing arms to revolt against them than daydreaming about being date-raped by the undead.

From Tam

One of my husband’s friends has three kids under the age of 12 (I think they’re all under 10 actually but I’ve never asked…).  He WILL NOT allow them to read the Twilight books or see the movies till he’s sure they understand WHY he doesn’t like them, and he doesn’t understand why its GOOD that an adult (who just happens to be 100’s of years old) gets the less under 18yr old girl, not just to chase and flirt with, but actually GETS the girl in what is blatant date-rape.   I’ve not seen the movies or read the books, so I didn’t have an answer for him, I have to admit that I’d assumed she was 18, and asked if she’d at least turned 18 before they got married in the last one.  He said he wasn’t sure but didn’t think so…..

Its true, you can get anything on Craigslist

After chatting online with some other folks who feed their dogs raw I decided to go ahead and put an ad on Craigslist for “Free Unwanted Meat” specifying that freezer-burnt and pushing “use by” dates was ok, outright spoiled was not (I’ve sold stuff online quite a bit and am already familiar with basic safety).  Got two hits in 24hrs, one of which didn’t pan out, but the other netted me two whole roaster chickens, a whole turkey, a 4lb (beef) pot roast, assorted chicken parts, and some venison.  All freezer-burnt.  Totally worth the 1/2hr each way drive even with gas prices the way they are.  Took Apollo a day to finish off the roast, one of the chickens is next…

The Hunger Games

I have no intention of watching the movies, I barely watch movies anyway, but the reviews of the books were good, so I decided to give them a try.  Finished the 3rd book yesterday and I have to say I enjoyed reading them.  Not gonna try for an analysis, others have done better than I could.  But I enjoyed them alot.