Homemade coyote rollers

For anyone who doesn’t know what coyote rollers are here is their website, but its basically a rolling pin made out of metal tubing attached to the top of the fence. When the dog (or predator) hits the top of the fence the roller dumps them back on their butt.

Very cool idea, but not cheap. We’ve been looking at ways to top our chainlink fence since Arty has already proved his climbing ability (and for that matter Apollo could go over the fence we have if it ever occurred to him to try). Someone pointed out this page to me. If you scroll about halfway down they describe a homemade “rolling pin” fence topper. Now I just have to figure out the best way to attach it to a heavy duty chainlink fence!


Edit 9/19/2014:  Apparently quite a few people are hitting here, looking at the DIY instructions, and then going onto the Coyote Roller official site and buying.  Because of the volume of people doing so Roll Guard (who owns Coyote Roller) has offered me a spot in their affiliate program, and after some thought I’ve accepted.  What that means for you: if you click through to the Coyote Roller home page via the above links and proceed to buy from them I’ll potentially earn something off of that sale.  I’ll admit that the possibility of earning enough to cover the blog costs was to tempting not to try it.  On the other hand, if you experience a negative experience by doing so, something that appears to be related to the click through, please let me know…..

5/27/18: Not quite sure what happened, as I received no emails, but the original coyote rollers site appears to be down and has been for a while.  There are other places to get them from if you do an internet search for coyote rollers.  I have removed the broken links from this page.


So, catching up on the GunBlogBlacklist, and ran across Standing Outside Looking In, realized this must be the Stephen that several other bloggers have mentioned in the last few days, and had to shake my head at this post.  I’ve never understood how people can NOT read, for pure pleasure if nothing else.  I don’t care if its the most horrid smutty romance on the shelf, READ dammit.  The only reason my house doesn’t look like the one described is lack of money on my part, and lack of shelves.  Gotta fix that lack of shelves problem….

If you don’t know how….

….to tell the difference between a tripped breaker and an untripped breaker then you should not be the person trying to find the tripped breaker. Cause, you know, its REALLY REALLY ANNOYING to have to restart my computer 3 times the space of 10 minutes. It also proves how stupid you are.


Boyfriend sets mom & baby on fire, mom throws baby out the window to save him.

There are jobs better NOT left to inmates.

Entire town, minus 1, wins mega lottery.

I’m thinking its photoshopped.  Not sure what clued me in though…..

WHY does UNC Charlotte need its own SWAT team??

Repairman accidently brought along on antartica trip.

TSA gets into food service.

Your hair extensions could kill you!!!

If you have a Muslim sounding name be careful how you tell your employees’ to “blow away” the competition.

Do you people not watch movies and take their warnings to heart??

Remind me again why we needed SOPA??

AKC customer service fail

This post is actually unrelated to the previous post on the Tibetan Mastiff breed standard changes.  Other than the fact that it involves Apollo anyway.

Back when we got Apollo, and then his paperwork, included in the paperwork from the AKC was paperwork to set him up with the AKC Companion Animal Rescue.  Basically its supposed to be a backup to microchips or tags.  We almost didn’t bother since he IS microchipped and tagged, but it was only $20, and no renewal fee, so might as well.  Got the paperwork back stating he’d been enrolled with the CAR, and in the envelope was a tag to add to his collar.  There was something in the letter about setting up online access so you can make changes if you need to, but right then I didn’t feel like it so the letter got tossed in the “we might need it later so at some point I need to sort this and file it” box.

Yesterday I was sorting the paperwork in that box in preparation of filing it, so that if we needed any of it for taxes it would be accessible, and ran across the letter from the CAR.  Was reminded of the online access thing, and sat down to set it up before I forgot again.  Oops, there’s supposed to be a code in the letter for setting up the access, and gee, no code.  Sigh.  By this time its 10pm EST, so I emailed the email listed on the letter rather than tried to call:

I am attempting to set up online access for my dog, but the letter I recieved did not contain an enrollment key.

Apollo, Tibetan Mastiff, owned by Ruth *****

Got an email back today:

Thank you for contacting AKC Companion Animal Recovery.

We received your email to update your pet’s record; however, your pet is not enrolled in our recovery service. You can enroll your pet with our service at www.akccar.org.

Note: AKC CAR is proud to offer access to Pet Poison Helpline. For a one-time fee you can gain access to immediate treatment advice from animal experts around the clock. For more information, call AKC CAR at 1-800-252-7894 or visit http://www.akccar.org.

Please be sure to include this email if a response is necessary.

Thank You,
AKC Companion Animal Recovery

So…..yah, I emailed back:

So I sent you paperwork, and a check, which you cashed.  You sent me a letter stating he was enrolled, and a tag to add to his collar.  And yet you didn’t really enroll him in the program??  You ARE sending me a refund….RIGHT?

Mildly pissed…. 

Ok, really pissed, and I’m actually kinda serious about the refund, do I really want these people “helping” rescue my dog??

Google adsense

Some of you may have noticed I had a small Ad thingy on the left hand side of my blog, and that its not there any more.  There are a couple reasons for that, one, in the year I’ve had the blog I’ve earned less than $2 from it, which Google insists it can’t payout because you have to hit a miminum amount before they’re required to send you anything (not that I was surprised at the low payout mind, I didn’t expect much actually, but thought I’d give it a try).  Two, I seem to be constantly fighting with Google over the ads that it shows.  I’ve manually blocked 5 different listings for “Puppies for Sale!!!!” not to mention a bunch of other odds and ends that I don’t want advertised on my blog.  Attempts to change the settings so as not to show any of that in general weren’t successful.

So, no more adsense ads.  Besides its one less thing to try to carry over if I do end up changing platforms….