I got the popcorn…..

…..who’s got the drinks?

(I think I like being small stuff, it means I can sit back and watch without having to actually get involved unless I happen across some information to add to the pot.)


  1. Ping from bluesun:

    Amen. I can do my thing and no one cares.

  2. Ping from BobG:

    Same here. This is turning into a three-ring circus.

  3. Ping from Linoge:

    It is a bit sad what people will do for attention / hits these days…

    I am about through with them. The new evidence found by Miguel puts a very… ominous… light on this.

  4. Ping from Ruth:

    yes it does, as does Farmgirl's experience with them (if you haven't read her post on her experience do so, I suppose it wasn't NEW information, but it sure wasn't pleasent).