To various “news” sites

including at least one listed on the GunBlogBlackList.

If, when I first load your page, the screen is taken over by an ad of some kind, I am NOT going to continue onto your page.  I don’t care if if the “ad” is a survey cause you want to know how to improve.  It DOES NOT MATTER.  Not only am I NOT going to read anything further on your page today, there is a better than average likely hood that I won’t do so later for a very long time.

Oh, and ads that suddenly scroll across my screen while I’m reading annoy me almost as much.  Doesn’t matter what the ad is for, or why.

Edited to add:  To the companies who think the above mentioned ad type is a good way to get your product/name out, I have been known to use those ads as a good way to populate my “do not buy” list.  Just sayin……

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