Superbowl ads

Other folks have already done a better job at this, but….

If you somehow missed the car commercial with the vampires you’ve got to go find it, we laughed and laughed!!  I don’t even recall which car company it was, but I loved the commercial.

The Coke polar bears might be cheesy and stupid, but I like them, I can’t help it.

Budweiser, seriously, where’s the Clydesdales commercial??? However I’ll forgive them, cause they did the Weego commercial.  If you thought Weego was adorable (and have a Facebook account) please follow this link and LIKE the page, Bud is donating $1 for every like (up to $250,000) to an animal rescue.

The greek yogurt commercial, it probly says something really bad about me as a person that I had to laugh and laugh at it.  And I don’t even like the stuff!

I have no interest at ALL in watching The Voice, but Betty White can pull off any damn thing she feels like and make it look good.

Sketchers, adorable Frenchie!

Of course the two Volkswagon commercials, The Bark Side and the poor pudgy dog. 

I’m probly forgetting some, and I missed a few cause I took the dogs out so husband wouldn’t miss any of the game, but thats ok.