One year!

Wow, one year of blogging!

Much thanks to everyone who’s clicked “Follow”, commented, or even just wandered through to read occasionally!


  1. Ping from James A. Zachary Jr.:

    Happy blogiversary!

  2. Ping from Anonymous:

    Happy One Year Anniversary! Here's to many more! 🙂

    PurpleMagpie (posting as Anonymous because Google won't let me sign in/leave a comment from WP. WTF!?)

  3. Ping from Ruth:

    Weird, when I get home today I'll check my setti gs just to make sure they didn't get messed up, I'd do it now but I'm on my ipad and I'd just get more annoyed….

    Thank you guys!

  4. Ping from Ruth:

    Everything's ok on my end, must be Google.

  5. Ping from bogie:

    Congrats on your blogoversary!