Go here to see how closely Google’s been paying attention to your browsing habits.

At first glance they didn’t do to badly, they somehow missed the gunblogs I read, but otherwise not to bad….hey, wtf??

*double checks blog profile*checks drivers license*  nope, not male, still in my 30’s.  Are my browsing habits that odd??


  1. Ping from Anonymous:

    I *only* use Private Browsing because I don't like the idea of being Big Brothered. Which is why Google says this about me:

    “No interest or demographic categories are associated with your ads preferences so far. You can add or edit interests and demographics at any time.” (Haha, why would I want to do that?!)

    I highly recommend clearing all your history from your browser, and simply make it a habit to only browse in “private.”

    PurpleMagpie (too lazy to sign in)

  2. Ping from Ruth:

    I have been on my ipad, but apparently missed it on my computer. I hit the opt out after copying the page too.