Sopa & Protect IP

Not actually shutting down here cause with the way way Google’s been acting it’d probly never come back up, but I won’t be posting till the 19th.


  1. Ping from Anonymous:

    WordPress gave its bloggers an automatic option to black out for the day, and/or display a “Stop Censorship” ribbon until Jan. 24th. Just sayin', in case you're considering switching…! 😉


  2. Ping from Ruth:

    WordPress can't get my posts transfered over. I sent an email to tech support, but all its importing is post titles and tags, no content. And from what I see in their forums ir looks loke I'm not the only one having trouble coming over from Blogger. Donno if I'll actually switch, been playing around with it a bit, we'll see, but they'll have to fix the import problem first.