Fruit leather, and how I discovered Arty likes cranberries and has a death wish

So, the cranberry fruit leather turned out ok, I got one tray to thin, and the other probably would have been perfect, except the thin tray was on top and so I thought I’d over cooked the whole thing, and ended up undercooking the 2nd tray.  Oh well, just means one set’s a bit chewy and the other a bit to soft.

Arty appreciated the cranberry bits that hit the floor though.  Apollo wouldn’t touch them, but Arty loved them.

And Arty has discovered that if he sneaks up behind Apollo, and ever so carefully touches his nose to Apollo’s balls and then runs for cover Apollo will chase him with all fervor and energy….

(Arty just weighed in at 8.7lbs, Apollo weighed in (last month) at 93lbs)

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    Ahh, you live on the edge of madness just like us