Kapone’s HOME

Back in July I posted about a dog named Kapone, and how he’d gone “missing” after having been picked up by an Animal Control Officer.  The ACO was subsequently charged with animal cruelty, for both Kapone and another dog.  And thanks to the donations of various people and organizations the reward for information resulting in his return hit $8k (at one point there was a report of $11k, but the final word appears to be the $8k).

Today Kapone was found.  The report state that the anonymous caller refused the reward.  He was in the yard of a house in Mississippi, where one report states he appeared to be being used for stud.

YesBiscuit has been following these reports since he was first reported missing, see here.

Welcome home Kapone, Merry Christmas Shoup family!

To the elderly gentleman I passed on my way to work today

Look, I understand that potentially loosing your license and not being able to drive is a horrid thing in an area with really bad public transportation.  But there is a point at which you need to consider hanging up the keys and cutting up your license.  A sign that you have reach that point would be when you’re passing a Speed Limit sign that says 55mph and you’re doing 20mph and the roads are in perfect condition.  When you are driving that far below the speed limit, for mile after mile, you are a hazard.  Not only to yourself (which is, after all, your right), but also to everyone else on the road (which is NOT your right).

I’m tired

And whiny, consider this your only warning before you read further.

Its been one of those weeks.

Sunday I got in an argument with a former schoolmate resulting in a rant on here and me severing ties with her.  I then proceeded to stay up WAY TO LATE playing Lego Harry Potter (years 5-7) with Husband, resulting in barely 5hrs of sleep that night.  Which in turn proved to me that I’m getting old, used to be that little sleep didn’t faze me at all, extra caffeine and keep going no problem.  But not any more, Monday and most of Tuesday were spent in a fog of not getting much done while I tried to catch back up on my sleep.

Add in that Tuesday was the day we’d scheduled an ultrasound for Janie to try to figure out just WHY her kidneys and liver keep giving off REALLY HIGH numbers on her bloodwork, which in turn resulted in a diagnosis that basically means that she’s a dead kitty walking.  Oh she’s stable NOW, but its just a matter of time, and there’s no way to predict if its a matter of months or a couple years.  I guess on some level I was expecting it because it didn’t hit me quite as hard as I’d have expected it to.

Wednesday was better….till I got the box of Christmas presents from my parents, at which point I discovered that our argument back in September hadn’t been settled after all.  Toss in some additional old arguments for old times sake and I spent Thursday in a serious funk and Friday was almost as bad.  Basically my mother has a really poor opinion of me as a person.  She won’t ADMIT thats the problem (“well no honey, I don’t think you’re stupid or a bad person, but as your mother I just know that….”), but its the only explanation for her steadfast refusal to accept any evidence or discussion that goes contrary to her assumptions of me and how she expects me to handle things.  I don’t get it, I wasn’t a bad child, ok, I was a bit stressfull to manage, but I never got in trouble with the law, I never did drugs, I don’t drink, I don’t recall ever breaking curfew even.  I went to college and paid for a huge percentage of it myself by working two jobs, I searched out and found a job after college that would pay my bills and allow me to live in an apartment of my own so that I wasn’t a drain on them (and keep me out of my mother’s radius so we wouldn’t fight quite so often).  I’ve put a great deal of effort into managing myself and my life so that I’m the only one responsible when something goes screwy that’s my fault, and I’ve spent large amounts of time, energy and money making sure that my pets get the best care I can manage.  Yet somehow its my fault that my cat’s kidneys are shot, and I can’t be trusted to understand that her litter box habits can effect her kidneys, and its probly my fault for somehow not managing her litter box correctly that resulted in her kidneys going bad in the first place.  Oh, and I’m apparently rotten housekeeper (I’ll admit I’m not Martha Stewart but really mother, neither are you), though how she knows this when she hasn’t seen the house since September, hasn’t asked any questions as to Janie’s health, hasn’t so much as hinted as to an interest in any of that information I have no idea.

Add in little things, like the fact that I’ve somehow not managed to do any Christmas shopping yet this year (thanks mostly to the fact that things keep happening that require money that was supposed to be set aside for things like Christmas), and various odds and ends not quite going right and this week has not been one of my favorites.

Can I turn off the world for a little while so I can take a nap?

Today’s links

10 insane ice and snow sculptures.

Universal decides it gets to censor any video it wants to regardless of whether or not they actually have a right to.

Ebook prices are going up.  Idiots…..watch out for major publishers to start hunting down file sharers just like the music folks are.  After all raising prices and then hunting down folks sharing media is working so well for the music & video industries.

Man who climbed fence onto private property mauled by pitbulls.  And for once it looks like the worst thing thats going to happen to dogs/owner is a fine for having to many dogs on the property!

Wonky weather

The weather this year has been seriously weird. 

First we come way to close to smashing records for snow falls back at the beginning of the year, then we DO break rainfall records in April. 

Then, though July ended up remarkably dry, the rest of the year has been extremely wet, to the point of minor/moderate flooding in all streams/rivers.  Our yard was a permanent swamp complete with knee high grass because the mud was ankle deep (not to mention the inch or so of standing water ON TOP of the mud) and so we couldn’t mow. 

Now come fall, its been a BIT dryer, but not by much, but it has been unseasonably warm.  Normal snow-fall by this time of the year here is approx 2ft of snow (last year there was 4ft of snow by now).  We’ve had about .1 of an inch of snow fall.  Its all come down as rain instead.  This means permanent standing water in large portions of the yard, and serious mud holes for the puppy to make a mess in.

Last weekend things actually got cold.  Temps dropped to low 20’s and even the teens at night.  The yard FROZE.  All except the muddiest spots were frozen solid enough that they barely shifted when we walked on them, and even daytime highs in the low 40’s wasn’t enough to really thaw things back out.

Then Wednesday night, we were supposed to get snow with temps in the low 30’s to upper 20’s.  Instead it never dropped below 40, and it rained.  Rained all day yesterday (Thursday), and was drippy all last night.  Now it DID actually get below freezing last night, but not by much.  The yard’s a swamp again.

Dammit.  I really don’t normally care for winter all that much, and I’m not looking forward to the inches of snow that all this rain would be if it was proper temps for here this time of year, but dammit.  This drippy, chilly, muddy, weather has seriously gotten on my nerves.  Can we just freeze and get on with winter please???

“But he was a good boy!”

This one probly belongs over at MArooned for his dead goblin collection, but I had to comment on it first. Bad guy shot by homeowner. Dad defends bad guy:

He said he knew his son had an extensive criminal history but does not believe what witnesses are saying about him.

Lets see, bad guy served time for felony traffic offenses, AND had prior arrests for burglary, car theft, aggravated battery on a pregnant woman, drug possession and resisting arrest.

Yup, he was a good boy, all around!! 

Pet food recalled for Aflatoxin contamination (or, why I feed a raw diet to my dog)

Back on Thanksgiving weekend PriceChopper grocery stores posted a limited recall of select Iams brand foods on their website (screen cap of the page available at the linked site).  Shortly there after they pulled it down, and an Iams rep was quoted as saying that there was nothing wrong with their foods (see above link).

About a week later Iams officially recalled a puppy chow for aflatoxin contamination.  A dog food that was NOT one of the ones listed previously by PriceChopper (link goes to same blog as linked above, links from there to the FDA site).

Now it appears that the aflatoxin problem isn’t limited to Iams.  Now Cargill, Advanced Animal Nutrition, and O’Neals Feeder Supply have also recalled foods for the same issues.  The Iams recall still does not include the foods listed by PriceChopper.

In case you’re reading this and wondering what the heck aflatoxin is, in this case it refers to a type of mold found in corn and corn based products.  It causes hepatitis type problems in both humans and animals, and infact is often called hepatitis X.  There is no known antidote, and unless you’re really really lucky its almost always fatal.  The few survivors suffer from severe liver damage.

I highly recommend checking the ingredients of your dog food closely, if they list corn or any corn byproducts you may want to consider a different food.  Aflatoxin has been an ongoing problem since it was identified in 1952, and almost every time there’s a recall for it a large number of dogs die from hepatitis X.

What does this have to do with me feeding my dog a raw diet?  Well for one it means I know EXACTLY what goes into his food, and for two?  Well consider, first there’s a recall, then nope, no recall, everything’s dandy you can keep feeding our foods with confidence…….um…..maybe not, don’t feed THIS food!!!  Sorry, that has happened to often.